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Thoughts on blogging


We’re in the middle of an ice somethingorother (I hesitate to call it a “storm” but at the same time, the freezing mist is not exactly benign, and I have had to wield an ice scraper with my van four times today – twice mid-trip) which has made me just want to curl up on the couch and let my thoughts carry me away.

Do any of you remember when this was primarily a polymer clay blog?  Some of you are still around from those days.  When I found sewing, things went a little topsy-turvy around here.  Each new thing I learned how to do excited me, and I wrote about these things constantly.  I probably lost a few die-hard clayers along the way, but still my blog audience grew.  I was making discoveries weekly, sharing the results of my experiments, and having a great time.

I think people can tell when you are doing something you love.  Your enthusiasm can be contagious, and enjoyable to read.

Then I learned to knit, and while I worried a little bit about the way my readers would take to the new barrage of posts that waxed poetically about this yarn or that stitch, I wasn’t overly concerned.  I knew that a large percentage of you who could sew and/or clay, had an interest in knitting, too.  So no big deal.

Now I’m finding myself consumed by photography.  I’m devouring books on the subject and learning a staggering amount of information about the mechanics of it, and applying what I learn.  It’s such fun for me!  And when I find that I have an hour to myself, I would rather spend it messing with an image in Paint Shop Pro (or Photoshop, before my free trial ended) than sewing, knitting, or claying.  At least for now.


My interests ebb and flow like this, and I think you know that, if you’ve been visiting here for long.  For some reason, though, I’ve felt like this photography thing would not have the same broad appeal as my other interests have had.  Maybe because it’s more “techy” in a lot of ways than it is “handcrafty.”  I don’t know, exactly, but I do know that I’ve been avoiding posting about it as often as I would really like to.  I’ve been avoiding sharing some of the post-processing tricks that I’ve learned, and doing the show-and-tell thing that I do with my other artsy projects.

How silly it is for me to censor myself this way!  So what if Polka Dot Cottage spends a few months being primarily “Lisa’s Photography Blog?”  It’s really no different than the months it has spent being “Lisa’s Knitting Blog,” “Lisa’s Sewing Blog,” and “Lisa’s Polymer Clay Blog.”  Every interest has its turn.  And then they all take turns again.  And then something new pokes its head into the mix.  And more turns are taken.  That’s the fun of it!

(I should mention here, for those that may not know, WordPress makes it possible for you to subscribe to a single blog category.  So, if you really are only here for one thing and one thing alone, you don’t have to wade through everything else to get to it.  You can find a list of categories here, and instructions for subscribing to the category feeds.)


I think I am done thinking for now.  Everyone is home from work and school early because of the ice.  I plan to curl up with my laptop for the rest of the afternoon and catch up on some business (and a little play, if we’re being honest) and enjoy the smell of the Slow-Cooker Salsa Chicken bubbling away on the counter top.  With luck, everything will be canceled tomorrow, and I won’t have to abandon my little cocoon until the sun comes out again.  Fingers crossed.  Stay safe, everyone.


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Posted on 15 Comments

15 thoughts on “Thoughts on blogging

  1. I cycle through a range of interests. How stale would I be to only have one or two interests???
    Do what moves you! We’ll still follow.

    1. Good point! How boring that would be to do (and talk about) the same things over and over and over again? Thanks for piping up 🙂

  2. I think with blogging it’s just important to write what you enjoy. Readers will come and go. Different topics will bring you new friends. If you kept plugging along… forcing yourself to write about clay when you’re really thinking about how the ice somethingorother would look if you used a certain shutter speed or aperture setting… well you wouldn’t enjoy the writing. And I think if you don’t enjoy the writing readers won’t enjoy the reading as much.

    Babble babble babble. Did any other that make sense?

    1. Absolutely made sense, and I totally agree 🙂

  3. I like the different topics you write about. When you love what your blogging about it shows and makes reading even more ejoyable. I wish I could find that blogging gift! Although I’d be happy just to blog more than once every few months 🙂 Keep up the beautiful work!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I don’t write nearly as often as I did a few years ago, but I kind of hope that changes. I miss it being an almost-daily part of my routine!

  4. I follow wherever you go with your art. I love reading about it all. And yes…I started following when this was a clay blog and I am still here so you are stuck with me 🙂

    1. Heh. Yes, you’re an oldie but a goodie, Kathi 😀

  5. It’s your blog 🙂
    I think that if you write about what interests you, that keeps it real, and that’s what keeps us coming back.

  6. […] I mentioned yesterday, we’re in the middle of an ice storm here.  Schools are closed, and there’s a layer of […]

  7. Not at all – I’m one of those poly clay people who have been reading the blog for a few years now…wanted you to know you’ve recently inspired me to purchase my own Canon (SX130is), and I’ve also begun reading about digital photography as well. Once I finsh an E-Bay photo project for my dad, I’ll use the knowledge on my own clay projects.

    Thanks, also, for what you write – polymer clay or not!! I’m a big fan!!

  8. Count me among those who were around when you were mainly focused on polymer clay and have stuck around! I love hearing about other people’s creative interests, even if they aren’t exactly the same as mine. I find it enriching and inspiring!

  9. Lisa, dónde vive?…Cuanto frio!!!
    Gracias por los tutoriales. He comenzado a realizar botones… Cada uno sale de un tamaño distinto, y de manera diferente… Nadie puede dudar que son hechos a mano..!

    1. I am in New Jersey in the USA.
      How great that you’ve started making buttons – their individuality is part of their charm, I think!

      1. Confio en llegar a conocer y perfeccionar la técnica.

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