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Month of Gratitude, week three

Oops, I missed posting on Friday. I spent Friday morning trying to sleep off the remains of my cold and Friday afternoon packing for the weekend trip we’d been planning for some time.

A word to the wise: when the little voice in your head suggests that maybe you should leave a day later in order to continue recuperating, or maybe even skip the trip altogether, listen to it!  It is smarter than you are.

We scrambled to get out of the house Friday afternoon for our annual trip to Cherry Hill, and while I will spare you the details of the various grouchy and grumpy behaviors (on my part, and on the childrens’ parts), I will tell you that perhaps we should have taken our time and gone on Saturday morning instead.  Or skipped it in favor of spending the weekend watching Netflix under the blankie o’ love.  It was not the nicest weekend away we have ever had.  It actually ranked among the worst.I cringe when I think about how much yelling there was – when did we become those people??

It’s got me thinking maybe the time for tagging along with Neil to cons has come and gone.

I don’t know.  Maybe it’s just the head congestion talking.  Ask me when we’ve all had a few weeks illness-free, and I hope I’ll be singing a different tune.

The good news is that last week, even among the fevers, the coughing, the antibiotics, the whining, and the biting off of each others’ heads, there were things to be thankful for.

Today, I am most thankful to be alone at last.  Alone to do a few things that make me happy (blogging, for one), alone to clean up the mess that everyone dumped in the front door when we got home last night, alone to pack the orders I couldn’t manage to mail before we left, and alone to formulate a new attitude of patience and sweetness towards my children.

With luck, a new positive attitude will be as contagious as the germs we’ve been passing around lately!

P.S. I’m extending that positive attitude here, too.  Enough complaining!  If all goes according to plan this week, I’ll have another soft & fluffy Purl Scarf to show and tell, a little Thanksgiving gift from me and Flufy in the form of a video trilogy, and a super Polka Dot Creations sale that the clayheads out there won’t want to miss.  Stay tuned.

Happy Thanksgiving Week! (I think I feel more positive already…)


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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Month of Gratitude, week three

  1. Sorry you had such a hard weekend. Hope your head and heart BOTH feel better real soon!

    1. Thanks, Kat! I’m sure things will be on the upswing very soon 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had your challenging days there! Hopefully those move on quickly and you can work on the next adventure.

    I have to repeat all sorts of mantras to myself ALL THE TIME about how I want things to go.

    Sometimes it works. More often now than it used to. Sometimes we all end up sitting, fuming at each other in other rooms.

    Remember you’re human, they are too and the Happiness project saying about how: the days are long but the years are short. The individual days with the boys are long and dramatic but it will be the years they remember and the occasional snarl won’t mar the whole stretch.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement – I already feel much better. And you know what is funny? As bad as I felt about the weekend, I may have been the only one to notice. Eamonn wrote a little essay for school that described his weekend, and from his point of view it was apparently “awesome.” You just never know what a kid is going to take away from a situation, I guess!

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