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I think I got about ten minutes of sleep last night.  It was one of those things where my body was tired enough for sleep, but my brain was running a mile a minute, thinking about such important things as haircuts and party dresses.  I tried my usual trick of lulling my brain to sleep with solitaire, but it didn’t work.  I watched a movie, but that didn’t work, either.  I finally gave up around 6:45.  I’ll nap later, I suppose.



I took these pictures yesterday.  I’m too sleepy to be trusted with a camera right now.

I love zinnias.  I know they’re available earlier than this, but they’ve always felt very late-summer / early-fall-ish to me, and so I like to get a little bunch of them at this time of year, when I can.  Yesterday, I saw my opportunity at a roadside farm stand.  Zinnias always seem so cheery to me.  Must be all of those bright colors.

P.S. Congratulations to my sweetie, whose Clarkesworld Magazine just* won a Hugo award – the top honor in the field!

*and by “just” I mean sometime around 6:45 am, at which point there was much rejoicing on his part, and much giving up on trying to ever get any sleep on my part.


Posted on 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “Zinnias

  1. Wow, congrats to Clarkesworld!

    No sleep here either, but as usual it’s external, kid-related, the kind of night where a 3am bath seems like a good way to buy a little peace. Yawn.

  2. beautiful pictures & congrats to Clarkesworld!!

  3. I *just* read that elsewhere and had to scurry over hear to convey my congratulations to your husband!



  4. I agree, zinnias always seem end of summer to me.

    And congrats to Neil! That’s absolutely awesome, a Hugo (wow).

  5. Congratulations on the award!! Impressive! Hope you were able to catch up on some sleep. I haven’t been getting much rest myself. Too much on my mind 🙂

    P.S. These pics are lovely.

  6. Those zinnias are gorgeous, and congrats on the Hugo!

  7. zinnias are some of my favorite flowers, too. so much so that when we adopted our little orange kitty with the fluffy mane, i just had to call her zinnia, because she looked like a little flower. and having a kitty named zinnia (‘zinny’) is less odd than a child of that name, which i did consider 🙂

    1. Yes, zinnia is an odd (yet pretty, now that I think about it) name for a child, but it works on a cat. If it weren’t for the deer around here, we could actually plant some zinnias of our own. We tried last year, but they kept getting eaten.

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