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Friday Photo Love

Good Morning! Almost afternoon here… I’ve spent the morning working on some photos I took yesterday at the beach. I’ve had some frustrations in the process, though, it’s taken too much time, and I’m eager to get out of my pj’s and into the shower already! So, here’s today’s quick Photo Love post. I’m leaving […]

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The joy? of coming home

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled Monday Morning Coffee series to bring you this lazy post.  Morning Coffee will be back next week (with a twist!)  Today, you get pictures from my vacation. Oh, stop groaning.  It was a one-day trip.  I’ve only got a handful of shots to share.  We stayed locally at an old, beautifully […]

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Activity, conflictedness, and a grand opening

Image transfers. Oh! how I love the look of them, when they work. My track record with this technique is less than spectacular, and it has me considering showcasing my photographs in resin instead of clay. Conflicted thoughts abound!

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The work of my hands

I enjoy my online time immensely.  I spend it writing my blog, reading other blogs I enjoy, browsing Facebook, processing the day’s photos & Flicking them (Flicking? The verb form of Flickr, of course), responding to email, processing orders, working on websites for design clients, working on my own websites… and many other things I […]

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Ocean Grove eats cameras

Or so I was beginning to think. We took a day trip yesterday to Ocean Grove.  Or, more accurately, we took a late-afternoon-into-night trip, as is our usual m.o.  These are the only pictures I was able to take before my camera seized up, lens partially extended, and refused to come back on.  If you […]

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Morning Coffee with Julie Smith

Good morning, friends!  Ready for another installment of Morning Coffee?  Brew yourself a cup, pull up a chair, and have a seat here with me while I chat with Julie about her engaging slice-of-life blog, Under the Tulip Tree. Under the Tulip Tree I stumbled across Julie’s blog sometime early this year, I believe, and […]

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Colors of home

Eren’s post on the colors of Coastal Maine struck a chord with me.  With every year I fall more and more in love with the colors of the Jersey Shore.  The sandy beiges, the blues of the sea and sky… Yummy.  But I remember last May, after spending five days in Ocean City, I was […]

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