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Friday Photo Love


This week’s photo love goes to these Flickr favorites.  (Click on the mosaic for photo credits.)  This week was all about well-organized rooms with aqua colored walls, sewing projects, bits of jewelry and pretty scenery.  But then, isn’t that what it’s about for me most weeks? <grin>

I enjoyed visiting your sites last week and seeing what photos you’ve been falling in love with recently.  I even added a few of your favorites to my favorites this week.  This must mean we all have equally excellent taste, no doubt!

As far as my own photos go, I didn’t take more than the bare minimum this week, really, and while I’d like to post something more slice-of-lifey, and less like the sun and clouds of last week, I think I have to do another sky photo…


It was last Friday night, we were doing a little shopping.  I had my camera with me because I was supposed to snap a shot of the sunset for my last Picture Summer assignment.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more spectacular parking lot sunset in my life – I’m so glad we stepped out of the store at the moment that we did.

How about you?  Any photo love to share this week? It can be your own, it can be something you saw on Flickr, it can be both!  Whatever floats your boat.  And be sure to add your link to Mr. Linky down there, and grab the button, if you’d like one:

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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Friday Photo Love

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  2. The mosaic maker at BHL didn’t work quite right, had to do all the linky captioning manually. Thought I’d mention that in case it happened to anyone else, they’d know it wasn’t just them. 🙂

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