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Friday Photo Love


I enjoy showing my Flickr favorites here on Fridays, and this week I’ve got two favorites mosaics to share. (If you remember, last week I showed you my beach gallery instead.)

As always, you can click on the mosaics for full photo credits.  I noticed I chose a lot of daisy photos this week.  It’s fun to see a pattern emerge, because I usually don’t realize there is one until the mosaic comes together.


Neil suggested that I also show you a favorite photo that I took this week, so, here goes. (Although this particular week, it’s hard to pick just one.  I feel like I’ve had a pretty good week, camera-wise.)


I think I have to choose this beach sunset, taken Wednesday at Point Pleasant Beach.  This photo really grabs me.  I love the silhouette action in there, both in terms of the flying bird, and my frolicking family in the bottom right corner.

I’ve been thinking that it might be fun to make this Friday thing less one-sided, and more of a community thing.  Would you be interested in sharing some of your own favorites on your blog, too? You can include favorite photos you’ve seen on Flickr, or favorite photos you took yourself.  You can talk them up, or just let them speak for themselves.  It’s all good.  Nice and easy for the end of the week.

I’ve added a Mr. Linky to the bottom of this post and I’ve made a button you can use for your blog sidebar, if you like:

Friday Photo Love Badge

Use this code:

<a href="">
<img src="" alt="friday photo love" /></a>

If you need help making mosaics, try out the great tool at Big Huge Labs.

[blenza_autolink 5890]


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Posted on 13 Comments

13 thoughts on “Friday Photo Love

  1. What wonderful inspiration! Just photos from my own camera this week, but maybe more next 😉

    Thank you!

  2. well I will be having my camera with me this weekend so I may even get some pictures taken

    1. See that you do, missy! 😀

  3. […] be joining in Lisa Clarke’s “Friday Photo Love” as I can–a chance to share some recent favorites from Flickr. Here’s this week’s […]

  4. I made a mosaic of recent favorited pics (none posted by me, but one features me, and another features my kid). Definitely not as pretty as your favorites mosaics!

  5. I will definetly be posting a pic tonight. I’m always excited to have an “assignment” to follow. Thanks!! (such a nerd i know :))

    1. Haha, I know that feeling. Of being a nerd, I mean 😀

  6. Thanks for the Stella love! I love the photos you’ve chosen and really love the colors. Great beach flare!

    1. I really love that Stella photo. She’s such a gorgeous color!

  7. Next week I’ll jump in!

  8. Posting a day late- been crazy here!

  9. Ciao from Italy

    1. Ciao to you too!

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