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I start a new job today.  It’s only part time, but it’s my first experience working outside the home for someone else since I left my corporate job in Information Systems over ten years ago.  I’ll be working at my local yarn shop, which, as I see it, is not a bad place to get back into the swing of being someone’s employee – lots of yummy fibers and creative people to keep me inspired.


I’m fueling up with this pumpkin smoothie, which is not bad, although there’s a bit too much of the banana flavor coming through for my taste (I am not much of a banana lover).  Still, nutritionally, it beats a Frappuccino, which is what I really wanted this morning!

Another 80+ degree day on the horizon.  It’s always strange when these kind of days appear in April, but I welcome them.  They’re a special treat after the cold, snowy, rainy winter we’ve had.

Well, I’m off.  Time to finish this smoothie, and re-learn how to communicate with actual people in actual face-to-face situations.  Ack.

Posted on 26 Comments

26 thoughts on “Fuel

  1. Good luck! That does sound like a good part-time gig for you. Just don’t let them pay you ENTIRELY in Malabrigo. 😉
    .-= See Penny’s latest blog post: Happy Ada Lovelace Day! =-.

    1. Heh. No. There will be no working for yarn around here. That money is going to have to help hold us over until Neil finds a new job.

  2. Good luck good luck! Yarn shop sounds like a good albeit dangerous place for a fibre lover to be working! Just repeat to self: yarn and camera, yarn and camera.

    1. I think I can control myself 🙂 Especially with the weather being warmer. I don’t really have much of a knitting urge right now. I may need an intervention in October, though!

      1. Yeah for me it would be all about: camera, new camera, saving for new camera. (and in little letters: groceries, bills, car)
        .-= See Elaine’s latest blog post: Phew! =-.

        1. Oh believe me, that’s how I *want* to think about it, but I keep getting nagged about silly things like keeping our house and feeding ourselves, LOL! I’ve decided any revenue I get from blog advertising is going to go to the camera fund. By those calculations, it should take me roughly three months to have it repaired, or a year to buy a new one. (Ugh) I am not good at waiting. I hope Neil gets a new job STAT and I can just buy the new camera, LOL!

  3. congratulations! hopefully you’ll love it– my LYS job keeps me sane! just remember: try not to spend your WHOLE paycheck at the shop. 🙂

    1. I hope I love it, too! It’s been a long time since I’ve had to act outgoing and friendly on a regular basis. My hermit tendencies are going to be hard to overcome, LOL!

  4. Good luck with it! I have a bit of a desire to pick up some hours at the LYS, but at the same time, not. It’ll be fun, for you, hopefull!

    1. Oh, I do hope so. I’m sure it will be good for me to be around people during the day. I have a lot of rusty skills to put back into practice!

  5. You will be so inspired, you will probably turn into a pro knitter. At least if you have to work it will be in a creative capacity

    1. That’s true – I’ve always thought that if I had to go back to work, I’d like to do it somewhere that will allow my creative side to flourish. I think this is a good start.

  6. Good Luck! I just returned to work outside the home after 13 years at home – a bit scary and lots of fun! Enjoy all that inspiration! 😀
    .-= See Mousy Brown’s latest blog post: Birthday on the beach and other pictures. =-.

    1. It is a bit intimidating, but once I get my bearings I’m sure it will be fun. I hope you’ve enjoyed your return to the work force!

  7. Congrats on landing a job in an field that you enjoy. I on the other hand have to work outside the home my whole adult life. usually at positions that have paid the bills but not to inspiring. I’m sending good vibes to you and your whole family. Now that my kids are grown I’m looking forward to a time when I can cut back to part time and spend more time with my ailing husband and more time in my craft room. Wishing you and yours all the best in these trying times.

    1. Thank you, Deb. Yes, these times are somewhat trying. The work-at-home thing just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I’m hoping I can still manage to do both without sacrificing quality family time!

      I hope that time you long for comes quickly for you!

  8. How exciting for you!!!
    .-= See Kashoan’s latest blog post: A Visit From the Laundry Fairy =-.

    1. A little exciting, a little scary, a lot necessary!

  9. Sounds like a perfect start full of colours and inspiration, and possibly quite calm! Knitters tend to be calm don’t they? I don’t knit so I wouldn’t know!…. Good luck!
    I should have congratulated you on everything on your last post, birthdays and anniversary, but my time has really been very limited. Congratulations! Now, even if a bit late! And I really hope you enjoy the new job. I stopped working a year and a half ago to do further studies an now can’t even dream about going back! But a yarn shop would do it! 😉
    .-= See Barbara’s latest blog post: First things first! =-.

    1. It has been quite calm so far – today there was even time to sit on the store’s front porch and knit in the breeze. Nice.

      Going back to school sounds exciting in a completely different way – hope you are enjoying it!

  10. I’m looking forward to possible knitting book reviews. Do they sell books also? That would dovetail nicely with all the craft books you’ve been reviewing.

    1. They do sell knitting books – I was flipping through a few today, in fact. Actually, I was just mailed a knitting book to review yesterday, so once I get a chance to play around with it, I’ll review that.

  11. Congrats! Make sure to wear your things from your shop (like the shawl pins). You may gain buisness from just having the knitters seeing and asking. The shop may even cary some things for you too??? Best of luck to your husband also.

    1. Thanks for the tip! The shop already sells my buttons, but seeing these things in action can only help, right?
      I appreciate the well-wishes.

  12. oh my heck….close to a dream come true job! smaller hours, surrounded by people who are interested in what you are selling, goods to hide and buy later. oh, yea.
    good luck!
    .-= See becky’s latest blog post: How to make a Pattern Tutorial- Templates & Measurements =-.

    1. Exactly – it shouldn’t be more than 10 hours a week, most of the time, but every little bit helps, and I get to surround myself with creative people. So, yes, good choice for me!

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