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The Texture Collection, and other stories

You know how you go through your creative life picking up little bits of information from one artist whose work you admire, a few tidbits from another, an interesting idea from yet another?  And all of these inputs take up residence in your brain, waiting for just the right little nudge to make them come together into one cohesive design?  Well, I hope you do know, because it’s somewhat thrilling when it happens.

The new Texture Collection

The sparks for this new Texture Collection were provided by Patti Kimle, Susan Gross, Ellen Marshall, Julie Picarello, and Kathleen Dustin.

Patti’s book got me thinking about the idea of echoing polymer patterns in metal clay.  Susan influenced my shape choices by consistently making and wearing earrings I covet.  Ellen taught me that even though I have a preference for smooth millefiori, there’s a place in my work for texture.  Julie got me back into mokume with an inspiring texture tool, and she also made me realize that the extra effort of sanding and buffing are well worth it in the end.  And Kathleen taught me that an ear wire should never be an afterthought, but rather an integral part of the design.

So, I thank all of these great artists for their generous spirits and for presenting concepts that stuck in the crannies of my brain.

See the whole collection in the shop.

In addition to the new Texture pieces, I also added some of the work I completed at the Clayathon.  Yes, I know that was more than two months ago.  Luckily earrings, necklaces, and shawl pins don’t spoil!  You can click here to see everything that’s new, but here’s a peek:

Shawl Pins Polymer + Copper

I am so grateful to those of you who choose to spend your hard-earned cash supporting my artful endeavors and decorating yourself with a little bit of the Cottage.  I hope you like these pieces, and I thank you so much for your business and your encouragement!


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Posted on 14 Comments

14 thoughts on “The Texture Collection, and other stories

  1. You have some beautiful new pieces Lisa! I do love your combination of textured metals with the clay and you have a very Lisa take on the MG.

    Can you get a picture of a shawl pin in action? I can SORTA wrap my brain around it but not the scale or quite how.
    .-= See Elaine’s latest blog post: Cindy’s Giving Away Stuff! =-.

    1. How strange – I replied to this comment, but it doesn’t seem to have appeared! Anyway, what I had said was, “thank you” and then I shared this photo, which has a picture of the pin in action. Does that clarify it?

  2. Love, love, LOVE the rings. I hope you are inspired to keep making them, in a variety of sizes. 🙂
    .-= See bzzzzgrrrl’s latest blog post: Win big for big, er. Whatever. =-.

    1. I love them too – the materials are somewhat expensive, so I think I will hold off on making more until I see I can sell the ones I already made 🙂 It is really tempting to crank out a whole pile of them, though!

  3. really nice work Lisa – I like where you going with the new work. The metalwork is great as well…

    cheers from rainy germany
    .-= See Bettina’s latest blog post: CraftEdu – Die neue Plattform für Online-Schulungen ist kurz vorm Start =-.

    1. Thank you from rainy USA! (Really, enough already with the rain! We’re getting drenched here in the NorthEast!)

  4. gorgeous! and so spring like.

    1. They make me think spring, too. Thanks for the complement 🙂

  5. These new pieces are really beautiful Lisa! They definitely have your own signature style to them. The metal clay is a wonderful compliment to your polymer clay designs!
    .-= See Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor’s latest blog post: Help, Another Cracked Bead Problem that Needs Solving [Spotlight] =-.

    1. Thank you, Cindy. It feels great to finally be making things in metal clay that don’t feel like an extravagant waste of silver, LOL!

  6. I love your new work Lisa!….I like the way the polymer and metal are paired…sitting here counting down the days until my copy of Patti’s book arrives from the Cottage…so ready to venture into metal clay!…Blessings~Melanie:)
    .-= See Melanie’s latest blog post: Part 3….some past and recent work….. 🙂 =-.

    1. Thank you! And the books will be here this week – probably shipping on Thursday. I’ll let you know 🙂

  7. […] The new Texture Collection Image by lisaclarke Polymer clay + metal clay. The polymer pattern is echoed in the silver’s texture. Blogged here. […]

  8. I was looking through some of your old posts and saw this one. I am very interested in learning more about how you got the pattern into your clay work. Any possibility of doing a post on that?-Thank you!

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