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Body Powder Gift Set

  Over the course of this past autumn, I swore off shampoo, deodorant, and moisturizer.  I know. Either you’ve done this before yourself and are thinking “good for you” or you’ve never done it and are thinking I’m crazy (not to mention stinky). Well, maybe I am a little bit crazy, but I smell just […]

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Aidan’s having a Raving Rabbids birthday party next weekend, and I wanted something special to wear. Hey, if the guys are getting t-shirts, it’s only fair that I get a new party skirt 😀 I had found the Rabbids images online, mirrored them, and printed them onto t-shirt transfer paper.  I made the skirt itself […]

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Better living through podcast listening

Every now and then I post about the various tools I like to use to get organized.  Then a few weeks go by, and I am usually posting about what a mess my house is.  The truth is, the best organizational tools in the world won’t help you unless you use them.  Sticking with the […]

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Wintery things

So yesterday I got caught up in the snowiness of it all, bundled myself up, and went outside to run down the hill and feel the falling snow bounce off of my face as I flew by.  Four times.  I made a snow angel, and had a snowball fight, too. Before all that, though, I […]

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Preparing for the coming Snowmaggedon

What does your husband do the night before a snow storm? I’ll show you what mine does: Yeah.  It’s a Dalek.  And just because it wasn’t nerdy enough the way it was… He added lights. Tomorrow it will probably be covered in a foot of new snow.  I just hope we don’t need our plunger […]

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Mason Dixon Knitting

Often when I crave a craft book, it is the cover that sucks me in, especially when ordering online.  I’m a pushover for lush photography and the promise of enticing projects within.  Usually, it’s a tendency that serves me well, but in the case of Mason-Dixon Knitting, which lacks a cover photograph at all, it […]

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