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New Publications for November

Artful Polymer Clay


Ritchey, Gail

Softcover Book (Kalmbach Publishing, OCT 09)

96 pages
List Price: $19.95

Gail Ritchey is known for her innovative uses of polymer clay in home decor items, jewelry, and miniatures. She brings a wealth of experience to this collection of 23 fun and beautiful projects that require no special skills or classes. Chapters are divided by techniques such as molding, rolling, shaping, marbling, cutting, punching, stamping, chatoyant, extruding, and mokume gane. Beginner and intermediate artisans can quickly start making elegant cameos, vases, frames, containers, and other attractive and useful objects by following Ritchey’s simple, step-by-step techniques.

The Polymer Clay Cookbook


Partain, Jessica and Partain, Susan

Paperback Book (Watson-Guptill, O2009)

160 pages
List Price: $16.99

The Polymer Clay Cookbook celebrates favorite foods with 20 tiny, deliciously realistic food charms to make from polymer clay and fashion into unique jewelry. Styled as a cookbook for the beginning miniaturist “chef,” the introductory chapters discuss the “basic ingredients” and techniques used for polymer clay and jewelry-making. The remainder of the book offers 20 “recipes” grouped by category: fruits, breakfast, lunch and dinner, sweets and snacks, and holiday foods. Each recipe has a list of “ingredients,” step-by-step directions with photographs, and suggested variations. Each piece is presented as a particular finished jewelry item, such as a necklace, but readers are encouraged to adapt the piece into any type of jewelry they choose. Each chapter also includes one of the authors’ own cherished recipes for real food, including Sunday Morning Cinnamon Rolls, Grandma’s Pasta Sauce, Decadent Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes, and Mom’s Holiday Sugar Cookies. Throughout, the authors–who are sisters–share their enthusiasm for family, sisterhood, and the tradition and feelings surrounding our favorite foods.

To be Published Soon

Clay Art for Special Occasions


Miyai, Yukiko

Hardcover Book (Island Heritage, OCT 09)

74 pages
List Price: $19.95

Soft air-dry clay creations require no baking and allow for complex and beautiful effects based on surprisingly simple handwork. Clay Art for Special Occasion shows crafters how to create a wide range of gorgeous flowers from plumeria to hibiscus, floral arrangements, leis and decorations for gift boxes, even seasonal ornaments. Author Yukiko Miyai provides basic instructions, materials lists, strategies for mixing colors, techniques for shaping the clay and making leaves and stems, how to attach flowers to stems, and more. Step-by-step photographs assure spectacular results every time.

Edle Schmuck-Unikate & Accessoires aus Polymer-Clay

Welker, Bettina

Book (Beadworx, NOV 09)

List Price: $29.00

Buy this Book

Bettina Welker has an exceptional eye for color, pattern, and design. In this, her first book, she provides:

  • detailed step-by-step tutorials on 14 appealing, contemporary jewelry and accessory projects
  • an elaborate basics section on polymer clay principles, materials and tools
  • an inspiring gallery stuffed with jewelry, art and accessories made by national and international clay artists

Dive into the colorful world of polymer clay. Get inspired by the versatility and endless possibilities that this art medium has to offer and find your way to your very own polymer clay designs.

Important Notes

  1. The book is written in German. There will be an English translation of the projects section only included with your order.
  2. Given the costs of importing books from Europe to the US, we will only be able to sell this book if we have enough pre-orders to make it worthwhile. (Want to help us make sure we have enough orders? Tell a friend!) We will be sure to contact you by early November, if we find we are unable to fill your order!

Worth Mentioning

Adapting Quilt Patterns to Polymer Clay


Skinner, Judith and Helms, Sarajane

Softcover Book (Polymarket Press, 2006)

120 pages
List Price: $28

After a long hiatus, this popular book is once again available!

When the days are short and the light fades early, there’s nothing like a quilt for color and warmth. A huge variety of potential designs combine floral and geometric precision with unlimited range of colors and a rich history of pattern.

This is true in either medium, fabric or polymer clay!

From solid blocks of color in the Amish tradition to pieced satins and silks embroidered into fabulous “crazy quilts”, inspirations for polymer clay cane designs are found everywhere. Quilt block designs and pieced top patterns lend themselves beautifully to millefiore cane making and other techniques used in polymer clay.

Written with clear instructions for a bevy of colorful quilt block canes and more, this book also features a gallery of scrumptious photos of polymer clay art works by many talented artists. Some are well known names while others are newly emerging into the spotlight—and ALL do fabulous work!


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