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Eight almost down, seven more to go

It has been a whirlwind ornament-making extravaganza over here.  I started the first batch of four before Thanksgiving, and for the last two days have been working on the second batch of four.  I now have eight very hairy ornaments in need of a trim, and some facial features.  They should be all spruced up […]

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Baking and Making

As in, baking a loaf of cranberry bread.  Mmmm.  I’ve also made a pie crust, with the actual pie to follow tomorrow.  I’ve baked gingerbread, which will be crumbled up into a pumpkin trifle tomorrow, and I whipped up some instant pumpkin pudding with a mix Neil found at the grocery store this afternoon.  It […]

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Blog-reading habits

Hello, my name is Lisa, and I am subscribed to too many blog feeds.  There, I said it.  I’m a Google Reader fan, and I’m embarassed to tell you how many feeds I have taking up residence there.  Years ago, I adopted a hierarchical structure using labels: The read-me-first category, which contains my five favorite […]

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Nice to have a weekend project

This weekend we did that thing we sometimes do when Neil will be away at a conference:  we went with him and took advantage of the hotel room that would otherwise go largely unused. When we go to a hotel, the boys enjoy the change of scenery, and would be happy never to leave the […]

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One for me, seven for you

Ok, technically, the one that’s for me isn’t even for me to keep – it’s for my MIL, and it’s part of her birthday gift. I went back to my trusty little blue Knifty Knitter loom this week and made my very favorite neckwarmer pattern: Cashmere Neckwarmer [the only link I can find is to […]

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Gigantic swampy earrings

Hey, remember when this used to be a polymer clay blog?  Well, if you’ve been nostalgic for those days, maybe you’ll like what I have to show you tonight. This weekend I took a class with Ellen Marshall in Philadelphia.  Ellen is the queen of surface treatments.  Whereas most of my own claywork involves the […]

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I’ve been working on-and-off for the last few weeks on a quilt for the latest Craft Hope project.  About three days ago, I had pretty much lost my enthusiasm for hand-sewing the binding, but I plugged away anyway, knowing it was for a good cause, and I finally finished it last night. The Space themed […]

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