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Getting knitty

Malabrigo Lace

Last week I alluded to the next knitting project I wanted to tackle.  It’s a summer shawl, written for needle-knitters.  I have a tendency to think that any project that involves knitting a flat panel can easily be translated from the needles to the loom. To some extent, that’s true, but perhaps using the word “easily” in this case is a tad optimistic.


I mean, just look at the pattern.  This is lace, we’re talking about.  It’s not something I’ve ever tried before. There are k2tog’s, ssk’s, and s2kp’s to deal with.  I don’t even know what some of those things mean.  Well, I do and I don’t.  I kind of get it, but not really.  Ack.  I’m all about the challenge though.  Trying to make sense of this kind of thing is fun for me, so don’t take any of this as a complaint!

The gauge is pretty small, so I’m going to be using my extra small gauge knitting loom for this.  The last (and only) project I did on this loom took  I don’t have that kind of patience.  See?  I haven’t even started this shawl yet, and already I have visions of giving up at row 10.

Lace for Dummies

I do have one idea that may help me.  I’m going to do a few rows on the large gauge yellow knifty knitter first, just to make sure I have the basics of the pattern down.  It’ll be easier to see any mistakes that way, and quicker to do.  If I find that I’m getting the correct lace pattern in the large gauge, then I’ll have the confidence to try it with the extra small gauge loom and the lace yarn.

That’s the theory, anyway!  I’ll keep you posted 😀

Oh, before I sign off! At the risk of this becoming the “all she ever talks about lately is books” blog, I have to tell you that I spent a lot of time today finally going through my dining room book shelves and pulling out anything that no longer speaks to me.  I’m offering them here for $5 each, which, in most cases, is WAY less than I paid for them.  They’re mostly cookbooks, and all in excellent condition.  (Don’t judge me for owning The White Trash Cookbook.  It was a gift from my brother.  And, frankly, hilarious.  You should buy it and enjoy it yourself.  Really.) Please take a look & tell a friend.  If these sell well, there’s a huge pile of craft books in my basement that is going on the list next!


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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Getting knitty

  1. I only have two words: Use. Needles. 🙂

    Someday we’ll convert you to the dark side.

    1. Pfthththt! I already think I’ve got it figured out 😉

  2. New blog post: Getting knitty

  3. That book sale is very dangerous. I am going to have to come back when some other folks have bought some stuff, to make my choices easier.
    I will say, I am simultaneously intrigued and frightened by the phrase “bread lampshade” in one of the book descriptions.
    .-= See bzzzzgrrrl’s latest blog post: Shopping =-.

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