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I’m thinking that to live a creative life, you have to be pretty good at multitasking.
Bench Monday

For instance, you could be standing on your dining room’s built-in cabinet for a Bench Monday picture, just after you put the chicken in the oven and just before the handyman comes to give you an estimate on painting the exterior of your house.

Quick and dirty pair of experimental earrings

Or you could be whipping up a quick pair of earrings for yourself, after getting inspired, while browsing through Etsy, which occurred while you were also cleaning up the supper mess.  You could sand and buff those earrings the following morning, after packing the kids’ lunches, while waiting for the school bus.

Oh, and right now? You could be blogging while eating breakfast and answering business email.

Just a hunch, but this might be why it takes me so long to get work done around here…

Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Multitasking

  1. It’s funny – multitasking is usually the source of my half-doneness.

    There is this block of time each day where I just crank through my task list, one item at a time and get. it. done.

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  2. i get crazy when i multitask. one thing at a time for me. even when i read magazines, i have to read one that relates to the craft of the day. right now i’m reading “polymer clay beads”, which is better than i thought it would be. and as soon as i get off the internet i’m going to make some beads and mokume gane. i found a tutorial for making mokume from old canes. delicious seems to be down, but i think it was on the blog of polyclay corner. ah yes, here it is:

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  3. Multi-tasking is a female thing. My hubby says most men are not capable of it. He can’t understand how I can knit, watch TV, tend supper and surf blogs at the same time. He accuses me of wasting time on the Internet. This is the same man who watches two TVs at the same time, each on a different cop show. I have no clue if he remembers what he saw!

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  4. If women did not multitask the world would come to a screeching halt! My two cents and I am sticking to it. :o)

  5. ‘Tis the life of the modern crafty woman…

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  6. It’s my own life you’re talking about here! I think women are the same all over the world! Kiss from France!

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