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Dear Wealthy Benefactor

Ah, swingset, they've missed you

I don’t know if you exist, but I hope you do, because I have a project you could help me finance.  I am so looking forward to the idea of entertaining outside in the warmer weather, but there are safety issues that prevent me from doing so.  Allow me to elaborate:

backyard blues

  • We can’t use our bbq grill anymore because the propane tank leaks
  • The retaining wall is sloping dangerously and needs to be repaired/replaced
  • The “fence” on the patio is likely to be taken out with the next big wind gust and needs to be replaced
  • Two trees are dying and need to be taken down
  • The kids swingset is very old and in a state of disrepair – the chains on both swings have rotted out and snapped, the treehouse tarp is ripped, half of the wooden monkey bar rungs are rotted, and I just plain don’t trust it anymore

As you can see, it’s not really an environment that is welcoming for play dates, family parties, or casual get-togethers among friends.  As I wanted to make a big effort to be less hermit-like this summer, I am highly motivated to make this happen.  I could really use some cash.  So, dear benefactor, please tell me where I can send my grant proposal and I’ll get on that right away.

There’s a grilled hamburger and a turn on the swings in it for you 🙂

P.S. If you are feeling particularly generous, I would never turn down a few thousand extra to get the house painted…

Not really sad boys

P.P.S. How can you resist these faces?

Posted on 11 Comments

11 thoughts on “Dear Wealthy Benefactor

  1. he he

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  2. I am thinking that you are going to be having lots of “work” parties this summer:) We have a friends that we alternate work weekends with. One weekend we work at their house and one weekend they work at our house. I am sooo looking forward to our new old house (91 years old) so that they can REALLY help 🙂 Good luck

    1. That sounds like an excellent arrangement you’ve got! For me to do that, I’d have to get a whole lot less useless when it comes to yard work. Lugging rocks and wielding a hammer are not among my strong suits… Maybe I can find somebody who would take payment in the form of polymer clay jewelry or strawberry smoothies. That I can do 😉

  3. Lisa, If I ever win the lotto I’ll send some $$$$ your way and all I ask in return is one or two of your gorgeous buttons. LOL!

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    1. Absolutely! I’ll give you my entire stash of ’em for that, LOL!

  4. you can get a propane tank seperate from the grill – check home depot or that type of place – you can spend time taking down and repiling the brick work yourself, may take all summer, but a good diy project – get how to from a book at the library… Take down the play set, and just use the yard, safer to have the broken stuff gone than to worry about injury, kids will always find ways to play…
    hope you don’t mind me saying to do it yourself, but few of us have benefactors and the best one to rely on, is your own self in the end….

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    1. Don’t mind at all! I hope it came across that this post was mostly in jest. I certainly don’t expect anyone to come along and hand me a wad of cash 🙂

      1. Oh, Lisa, I did understand that it is mostly in jest – aw we all wish for that long lost uncle who leaves a fortune in his will! With today’s economic climate we really have to figure out ways to rely on our own self and to learn the things from others who can teach or share their passed experiences so we may make our lives more self reliant — I always try to think of the Ingalls family in their wagon leaving the Big Woods for the prairie…

        See what Miss Snips has been blogging about: Interest

  5. I love the idea of the alternating working weekends. Question: do they ever end? They wouldn’t at my house, LOL.

    Hope you find a benefactor, Lisa, or the gumption to tackle it all!! Oy and vey… :O0

  6. Any luck yet? 🙂

  7. Oh Lisa, if you do find one of those benefactors, see if he’s interested in helping another polymer clay girl. We’ve got a bunch of stuff to get done in the backyard too! I’m offering a Canadian Beer to go with those hamburgers!:-)

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