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Sew windy

It’s a crazy windy day today!  Remember last year’s wind storm in March that took down the largest tree in our yard?  This one reminds me of that – without the mangled branches on the lawn or the broken van window glass all over the driveway, of course…

We’ve lost power a few times today, but always have gotten it back relatively quickly.  Our internet access has been spotty, but mostly nonexistent.  Neil has been on and off of the phone with Verizon, and I’ve already made one trip to the library just to set up an autoresponder on my business email, and make a note on my website to explain my absence.

So it’s been an odd day, but I still managed to accomplish everything on my task list and also carve out half an hour to do a little sewing.  The Flylady zone this week is the kitchen, and while I’ve been decluttering and neatening up the countertops, I’ve also been getting the urge to do something nice for the table.

New table mat
I like our glass table – it’s actually second-hand cast-iron outdoor furniture, believe it or not – but it can feel too “cold” sometimes, particularly when the only thing on it is a ceramic bowl full of granola bars.  I like it a lot better when there’s a cloth napkin or a placemat under the bowl.

New table mat

I have a small pile of fabric scraps leftover from when I made my everyday napkins, and I chose six of those prints to sew together into a table mat.  (All of the prints are from Susan Branch’s Martha’s Vineyard Watercolor collection.)

New table mat

For the backing I used a fat quarter from that set, so that the mat is reversible.  I’m liking it a lot.

It sounds like the wind has died down, and I think the internet connection may come back *just* long enough for me to publish this post.  Now, if the tv comes back in time for The Office, I’ll be a happy camper!

[Update: Neil can reset the connection and give me five minutes at a time on the internet.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to stand there and do that all night 😉  Technician will be here tomorrow.  Until then, offline I go!]


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Posted on 1 Comment

1 thought on “Sew windy

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