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And so begins the parade of gifts

I’m trying once again to embrace the handmade Christmas idea.  I won’t go entirely handmade, but I want there to be an element of it in everyone’s gift.  I’ve always felt this way, but it’s been easier recently since I’ve expanded my crafty skills somewhat.  There are only so many clay baubles one can give […]

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Night of the living mitts

I’ve been experimenting with different ideas for fingerless mitts, and I finally got them looking like I envisioned. I can knock out one mitt per night of TV, which means I may actually be able to make a nice little pile of them for Christmas gifts. I just need to remember next time I want […]

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Hair cuts, fancy coffees, and business cards

The only things I’ve taken any pictures of for the last four days have been my feet.  How sad. It’s been a whirlwind of new books and packing supplies this week so far, and as busy as that’s kept me, it just hasn’t made for very enthralling reading material.  Hence my absence. I did manage […]

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Whatever you wish for

I hope you don’t mind if I put on my sales hat for a moment.  I hate wearing that thing, but if I leave it off for too long, I don’t sell things, and if I don’t sell things, I can’t buy more craft supplies (or, more importantly, supplement my family’s income) and we just […]

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Cranberry Thanksgiving

Every few years my uncle lends me this book to read to the boys.  I like having a special Thanksgiving book to read, as I have always felt Thanksgiving to be a holiday that deserves to be steeped in tradition.  As a child, I felt this sense of tradition keenly, as we went about our […]

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Lessons in knitting

Shortly after my first successful pair of loom-knit fingerless mitts, visions of fingerless Christmas gifts started dancing in my head.  But first, I wanted to get a couple more practice pairs made, so that I could experiment with another stitch or two. I made these two pairs for the boys.  The blue 24-peg Knifty Knitter […]

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A matter of the utmost importance

Busy busy busy day today, but I think I can spare just a moment to discuss something that I know is on everyone’s mind today: Scarves. Don’t try to deny it.  You’ve been preoccupied for the last several days, wondering how you will ever keep your neck warm as the weather turns more and more […]

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Did I say 24? I meant 48.

You guys really came through with the “you can get that room clean in one day!” support yesterday – thank you!  As it turns out, the photography has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning, so I could have had an extra day.  No biggie, though.  It’s neater than it’s been in recent (and even not-so-recent) memory, […]

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I have 24 hours

24 hours in which to turn this cluttered space into something photograph-worthy. Tomorrow morning a person with a camera will be here to capture me “in action” making stuff.  I asked, “can’t we just meet at Starbucks?” but it didn’t fly. My upper shoulders are still a bit sore from Friday’s pulled muscle.  Wish me […]

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