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Movie night

Sometimes on Saturday nights we wander over to one of the local supermarkets, put a dollar in their video vending machine, and get a movie to watch.  Other times we whip up a big bowl of snack mix and sit on the couch with a Netflix rental.  But last night we did something a little different.

We made a movie.

The Clarke Family proudly presents: Boring Office Guy Episode 1: “The House”

(Also playing over at BOG’s website)

Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Movie night

  1. That is great!!!! I love BOG!!!

    1. Heh. That took us all evening! It was fun, though, and he’s already planning episode two…

  2. You are officially the most creative person that I know! That was good stuff! How fun for the boys! Take Care- Kashoan

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    1. Well, thank you. We all contributed, although Aidan was really the one with most of the ideas.

  3. This is so cute:) Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for watching 🙂

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