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My first quilt!

New quilt

Nearly fourteen months ago, I went insane and splurged on an Amy Butler Lotus fat quarter set, despite the fact that I’d only had 90 days of sewing under my belt, and the 3-4 quilts I intended to make comprised a project well beyond my comfort level.  I managed to stitch together two quilt tops (one for each boy), choose the fabrics for the other two quilts, and buy some batting before I gave up.

Fast forward more than a year, and I’m standing in a relatively clean dining room (aka my craft space).  My evening plans for the following day having fallen through, there’s no longer a mad dash to clean up the other rooms of the house.  I have more table space than I’d had in a while, and a sudden block of free time.  Hey, why not work on those abandoned quilts?

New pillow and quilt

Aidan’s quilt uses prints from the Tea Box colorway of the Lotus collection.  It’s not my favorite color family, but he likes it, and that’s what matters.  I didn’t actually bind this quilt.  The process of binding intimidates me.  So, I put it together in much the same way that I do table mats, bibs & scarves – right sides together, stitch around the outsides, turn rightside out, topstitch.  Worked like a charm, too, until I quilted it, and suddenly realized why people bother with binding.

Ok, so my edges aren’t perfect.  Doesn’t bother me, or Aidan, either.  And if it does start to nag at me, I don’t see any reason why I can’t add a binding after the fact.

New pillow and quilt

I used a red sheet for the backing – a red sheet that was on Aidan’s bed until yesterday 😉  I used some extra polka dots and more of the sheet to make a pillow cover.  I really love how the pillow came out.

New pillows

And so did Eamonn, who asked if he could have one.  I haven’t made Eamonn’s quilt yet, but I just couldn’t deny him the pillow.  As far as sewing projects go, pillow covers are pretty instant-gratification.  So here’s his pillow, which will match his quilt – I’m doing that one in the Faded China colors.

I love the idea that the boys will be falling asleep under blankets that I made for them.  It feels special to me, and I hope it does to them, too.

New quilt and pillow on the bed

Now the question is: do I get back into cleaning mode while I’m still in the mood to get things done, or do I finish up Eamonn’s quilt?  I think I know what I’ll choose…

Posted on 18 Comments

18 thoughts on “My first quilt!

  1. This turned out great!! Binding is very scary. I’m hoping it gets better with time. 😀

    1. I think what scares me about it is the fact that most people seem to do it by hand – I seriously doubt I have the patience for something like that!

      1. nah – you sew the binding to the top of the quilt with the machine then you pull it over to the back and hand stitch it on. (but that part is relaxing as you can snuggle under the quilt while watching a movie and stitching it on 🙂 )

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        1. You make it sounds almost enjoyable, LOL!

          1. it is! (it’s probably my favorite part – you get to see the finished quilt as you go)

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  2. Can’t wait to see the next one. I love sleeping under a handmade quilt!! It’s like getting an extra hug before bed every night.

    See what Beth H has been blogging about: Guest Post from the Other Half

    1. True! It’s making me wonder what happened to the quilt my mother made when I was a kid. Have to call Mom today 🙂

  3. Lol.. You’ll choose right.
    Oh and this quilt is soooo nice!

    See what celia has been blogging about: Healthy breakfast

    1. Thank you! And it turns out I didn’t pick either one – instead I filmed and edited a short movie for my son’s website. I’m nothing if not easily distracted 😀

  4. Hi! surfed over here from BTRS flickr group–neat blog, and goregous quilt!

    1. Thank you – on both counts! Welcome 🙂

  5. it’s beautiful! love the colors and the pillows are the perfect accessory. congrats!!

    See what melissa s. has been blogging about: nervous and excited…and nervous

    1. Thanks – I’m a big fan of the pillows myself! I love how easy they are to make 🙂

  6. i love their quilts! getting the back right while quilting is hard to do. i am sure that after some love, washings, shrinking, and dragging that the puckers will just fade away. good luck on the next one. even though i have a lot of mistakes in my first quilt, i still love to look at it. welcome to a whole new world my friend…..good luck 🙂

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    1. I actually really like the puckers. I was hoping for puckers all over it! What bothers me are the edges, but they can be fixed if they really start to bug me.

  7. it’s beautiful Lisa! Don’t let the binding scare you – it looks difficult but it is really one of the easiest parts of the quilt (and the mitered corners are quite easy too) With all your other craftiness, I have a feeling you could whip out a binding in no time – the key is to find good directions 🙂

    See what Jen has been blogging about: Oak Island – Last Day

    1. Hmm, I think I know where I can get some good directions, too. The book that made quilting look easy enough for me to want to try it in the first place does explain binding. I just haven’t read it since last summer 😉

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