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Pleasant Monday

One Object 365 Days: 259/365 09/15/08

After the stifling humidity of yesterday and last night, it was a sweet surprise to be greeted by a breezy, pleasant, 70-degree morning.  Monday is vacuum day around here.  And dusting day.  And all other manner of once-a-week cleaning day, and I promise I will make a decent effort in that direction before too long.  But first, I just had to take advantage of this fabulous weather and spend at least a small part of my morning out on the patio, eating Strawberry Bread, drinking a tall cool glass of water, and checking in on the blogs – mine and my current must-reads.

I’ve decided that Mosaic Monday, as a weekly concept, bores me.  So maybe I’ll still do it once in a while, but I don’t think I’m going to make it an every week thing.  I will continue to make the mosaics, I just won’t always post them here.   You can wander through my flickr account any time, to see them.

I fiddled around with the sidebar again this weekend.  If you wander over to the left, all the way at the bottom, you’ll see I’ve done something new with my Amazon wish list, and also added my Etsy favorites  So many beautiful artisan-made things I’d love to draw attention to, even if I can’t have them myself.  And on the right sidebar, I added links to some of the tutorials and recipes I’ve posted.  I still haven’t come to any decisions as to how many of each I’m going to list there, or whether I’m going to use the most recent ones or random selections, but for now, the most recent four of each category are listed.  Expect that to change two or three times before the week is over…

I suspect my laptop battery is about to give out, so I should be heading back into the house to begin my to-do list.  I hope your morning is as peaceful, pleasant, and un-Monday-like as mine has been, so far!

Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Pleasant Monday

  1. I’m so jealous! The mornings here in Orlando start around 80-something degrees and only get hotter and more humid. I visited my sister in Chicago a couple weeks ago, the weather was so beautiful I didn’t want to leave! I’m glad you get to enjoy your mornings outside. 🙂

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  2. is blogging: Pleasant Monday

  3. That sounds like a great morning. Having “me” time is so important. Now, I just need to figure out how to get it. 🙂 By the way…..How do I get on your must current read list? 🙂
    Enjoy your week!

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