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Tutorial madness

Tutorial mania

Madness?  Yeah, that’s probably a good word for it.  I decided I wanted the tutorials I’d written for Polka Dot Creations to also be available here.  Well, one thing led to another, and before I was done, I’d learned how to use custom fields in WordPress, written a new Page template in PHP that would pull the tutorial information from the same database I use over at Polka Dot Creations, and created a new page for each tutorial, including those by guest artists.  Then I completely changed my mind, decided I should leave the guest artists where they started out for now, and just make my own tutorials into simple posts that can be easily found in the category archive for “tutorials.”

I am apparently the poster child for over-complication, rethinking, and then going with the utmost simplest answer ever.

Interested in some of the other things I’ve added around here in recent weeks?

There’s probably more, but I’m blanking and you’re bored 😀

Just one last note: to celebrate my insanity, I may just post a new tutorial today sometime – one I wrote some time ago, but never did anything with.  Stay tuned if you like polymer clay, old family photos, and decorating your refrigerator. (Just don’t be disappointed if I get all domestic and do some laundry, or pick up some toys instead – the house really suffers when I am in the throes of a programming fit!)

Posted on 1 Comment

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