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It doesn’t feel like Friday, but I’m glad it is

Today I spent an inordinate amount of time doing this:

Packing and Shipping

And after it was done, I thought the kids could use a little air, so I set them free in the back yard. Not liking to leave them on their own, I went outside too, and did a little of this:

One Object 365 Days: 193/365 07/11/08

We’ve since returned to the indoors, and I’ve been soaking up some inspiration through these:

Favorites week of July 4

It’s been a week of more business than pleasure, and yet I feel I have precious little to show for it. Nothing concrete, anyway. This weekend, I am hoping to make some giant strides in Project Bedroom Makeover in the form of a duvet cover and more pillows.


Who knows if I’ll ever get around to repainting that room, but since the bed is such a huge fixture, it seems to me that dressing it up could completely transform the whole place! That, and actually putting my laundry away after I fold it. Hm, yeah, that might help


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “It doesn’t feel like Friday, but I’m glad it is

  1. is blogging: It doesn’t feel like Friday, but I’m glad it is

  2. Good luck on project bedroom makeover! That’s a big job!

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