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Grand Central Station

I would say that normally we lead a very quiet existence here in the swamp. The phone rarely rings, people don’t often come over. But today? Today felt almost like someone else’s life for a while.

I was already a smidge off-kilter by the fact that I didn’t have a school bus to wait for. I’d gotten an extra 1/2-hour of sleep, and the boys, too, had taken some extra snooze time. Eamonn with his tousled bed head, wandered sleepily out of his room rubbing his eyes, at nearly 9:00. That’s a rarity for him.

Twenty minutes later, Neil was home from work so he could wait for a delivery.

Desperate landscape

The doorbell rang. New lawn guy with an estimate. Thank goodness. Our old lawn guy had to quit a few weeks ago, and he’d already missed a few cuts before that. The grass was getting so high, I was starting to fear we might lose one of the kids in the back yard. I liked the new guy’s estimate, signed his contract, and he left.

Special delivery

Then the truck arrived. (Mind you, this is all before 10:30 in the morning – on a normal day, the kids would have been at school by 9:00, and I’ve had spent the ensuing 90 minutes drinking tea and reading blogs, blissfully uninterrupted) So, anyway, the truck:

Special delivery

Inside were three pallets of boxes, containing the first three books from Neil’s publishing company. (Psst! wanna buy a book?)

Special delivery

I feel like we have a new puppy or something… Neil’s been carrying them around petting them all day 😀

Not so desperate anymore

That was pretty much the big excitement for the day, but there were also:

  • Neil heading back out to work
  • three more phone calls
  • another truck dropping by to deliver packaging supplies so that Neil can mail out the puppies books to their new owners
  • new lawn guys coming to work their magic and save me from an appearance on Desperate Landscapes


Things pretty much quieted down by 3:00, but it was a whirlwind before that. And somehow I still managed to:

  • get 30 shipments out the door
  • have lunch with my kids
  • play a few “interesting” made-up games with them
  • straighten up the back yard
  • redesign my personal website

Yikes. I’m not used to all that busy! There’s still a pile of email to wade through today, and I have to admit I am this close to blowing it off and vegetating in front of the TV with a bowl of this:

The kids are in bed

I’d do it, too, if tomorrow’s calendar were wide open. But it’s not. No, tomorrow we’ll be road tripping, strawberry picking, and friend visiting – having one of the quintessential Summer days that requires much photography and a little blogography (I think I just made up a new word….) and very little business-doing.

Guess I’d better crack that whip on myself tonight. No ice cream until those orders are processed! I’m such a mean boss.

Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Grand Central Station

  1. This part of your day – “get 30 shipments out the door” – makes me very excited!! 🙂 Sounds like a good day though.

  2. ok – I am tired reading this post – what a crazy day!
    and tomorrow looks like no rest for you either – if it were me, I would sit down with the bowl of ice cream… of course that may be why I get nothing done…

  3. I would totally go for the ice cream no matter what.
    We just got baby chicks and I am getting NOTHING done whatsoever. You seem to a superwoman!

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