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Food and flowers. Oh, and fish.

Rosemary potatoes

As I write there is a power struggle occurring upstairs. A power struggle between two boys who both want the same pen. Nevermind that we have a cup full of other pens not one room away. Neil is on top of the unfolding saga, so rather than get involved (too many cooks spoil the broth, dontchaknow) I am just going to sit down here, in the coolest room of the house, pretending that all is serene. While I am at it, I am also going to pretend that this coming summer is not going to be the Summer of the Bickering Brothers. It just isn’t. That’s all there is to it. There. I have spoken.

We're up to five

Now, at the risk of turning this spot into The Food and Flowers Blog, I have to give in to the fact that I haven’t been all that productive in a creative way today or yesterday. I’ve been processing orders in the “please help me get all of this stuff off of my shelves” sale, playing Scrabble Jr. with one of the little misters, and going strawberry shopping at a local farm stand. It seems the only things I’ve been photographing are the things we eat, and the lilies that are growing in our garden.


It’s such a novelty to me to have a garden with actual blooming flowers that I have kind of gone a little silly with the camera. Add to that the fact that the camera itself is also a novelty, and, well… let’s just say I am the crazy lady on the block these days, stalking her own yard with a camera in hand on a daily basis.

Life is a bowl of cherries

And then there’s the food. What is it about the summer and photographing produce? I did this last year too, when farmers market season started. What’s funny is that I am not even a big fruit eater.

Fruit medley

Yes, I’ll admit I can go to town on a bowl of cherries, and I do like tart apples, but I’m really lukewarm about raw strawberries and most other fruits. They make great camera fodder, but if I have to eat them, I’d rather find them in a jam, a slushy drink, or a crisp.

New members of the family

Oh, and lest I forget, I ought to introduce you to a new member of the family. Actually, five new members – I birthed quintuplets in my spare time yesterday. (Ok, maybe not.) They’re not the easiest little suckers to photograph, but just the same, allow me to present Squishy, Stopit, Happy, Buffalo, and Sugarhead. We’ve had them nearly 24 hours and have only forgotten to feed them once 😀

Posted on 13 Comments

13 thoughts on “Food and flowers. Oh, and fish.

  1. I gotta ask. Who came up with Sugarhead and why?

    YOur pictures are wonderful. I love the lilys you have growing. the colors are amazing!

    1. Aidan. Why? He’s an 8-year-old boy – who knows why he does anything he does? LOL! He also picked Happy and Buffalo.

      RE: the pictures – thanks! I’m having fun with this new camera, learning to use it properly and all.

  2. Ok…my vote is for stopit!! That made my day. 🙂
    Love the flowers, mine are just starting to get blooms that have not opened as of yet. Have a Good One!

  3. Ahh yes, fishies are the only pet we do ’round here! The fruit looks soooo yum!

  4. Love your posts Lisa! They are always fun!

    One question though…. you only forgot to feed them once in 24 hours!?? How many times are you planning to feed these little fishies?? I have been fish keeping for about 30 years now, yes I AM THAT old! LOL! But seriously, you only need to feed fish a few times a week. The biggest problem folks with aquariums have is over feeding. Over feeding leads to excess waste, excess waste leads to excess algae growth, excess dirty gravel, overly dirty filters and just plain more work for you and the very real possibility of dead fishies. Dead fishies do not make for happy fishie viewing boys.

    Ok, I’ll take off my national pet store chain small animal care specialist cap now. (sheepish grin)

    See what Connie has been blogging about: Blast from the past!

    1. Hmmm, that’s interesting… the fish food we bought was in “chip” form and said to feed 2-3 times/day, one chip per each one-inch fish. We’ve been feeding the five fish five chips twice/day. Does that sound right? Or is the fish food company just trying to sell more food? 😀

      1. Oh! It’s a marketing ploy, alright!!!

        Fish are scavengers, in the wild, they eat what and when they can! Don’t starve them, but those little tetras you pictured need maybe a small pinch or two every other day! Now a bigger fish, like say, a full grown 14 inch oscar needs MUCH more of course. *smile*

        See what Connie has been blogging about: A sweet story…

  5. These are all Wordless Wednesday worthy photos.

    I love Olives and Cherries and extremem close-up photos. This was a real feast for the eyes.

    I hope I helped you out some, I ordered a bunch of magazines yesterday! Now, you come to my place and take away some of the knick-knacks that are cluttering up our shelves. 😉

    See what erin has been blogging about: Wordless Wednesday – kudos to Tagology for the AWESOME new banners she made me!

  6. Ooo, those potatoes look yummy!

  7. Heeeey, I have a question for you! Where are your favourite outdoor farmer’s markets in NJ?

    1. I try to never miss the one in Madison on Thursday afternoons. Mostly, though, that’s because it’s close to me, it’s during the afternoon, and it’s on a weekday. (I don’t usually have my act together enough on weekend mornings to go farmers marketing, but I’m hoping to explore a few more local ones this year.)

      In addition to the usual farm stuff, the Madison market often has vendors with flowers, artisan breads, pickles, raw cheeses, buffalo meat, and (my favorite) kettle corn.

      If I find others that appeal to me, I’ll probably blog about them.

  8. WOW, Lisa … that photo of the cherries is absolutely spectacular!

  9. We had that same fruit bowl here at my house yesterday! Yum! The only thing missing was some fresh-picked blackberries. Glad you and your boys are having a fun summer!

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