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Makin’ bags and givin’ stuff away

My friends all pretty much know that I make things and sell them, so I guess it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when more than once a friend saw my new bag and said, “ooh! how much are you selling those for?” Well, I wasn’t… I was just making one for me.

One Object 365 Days: 154/365 06/02/08

I’m nothing if not easily suggestible, and since the general consensus among my Real Life ™ friends who saw the bag in person, and many of my blog friends who saw it in pictures was “you could totally sell those” I decided to cut up some fabric I already had and try to totally sell one or two or three.

New handbag

Today I finished the first of those bags, and while it’s not without its flaws, the things I was feeling fussy about were either minor enough not to be of any real consequence, or were easily fixable after the fact.

New handbag

This bag is unlike my first one in that it was designed to be a flat-bottom bag from the beginning, and I reinforced the bottom with some stiff cardboard so that it stays that way. I also added a small divided pocket, perfect for a lipstick on one side and a small cell phone on the other. Additionally the bag is wider by a few inches.

New handbag

I used three patterns from Joel Dewberry’s Aviary collection, and one of my matching polymer clay buttons, which hides a snap closure.

I’ll be putting this bag on Etsy sometime in the next day or two (unless somebody emails me before then, desperate to take it off my hands for the introductory price of $32 plus shipping. Not that I’m hinting that you should. Nor am I pointing out the my contact email address is near the top of my sidebar. No, I would never be so transparent. Heh.) Nevermind… sold!  🙂

And now for the giveaway…

New handbag

Remember this Chocolate Lollipop bag? Well, it’s becoming increasingly clear to me that I’m just not going to use it. It’s cute, but it’s not really in my color palette, and every time I have a choice, I grab the Bleeker Street bag instead. I don’t want it to go to waste, so I’d like one of you to have it. I’ll warn you, it’s not perfect, but for the most part the imperfections are cosmetic and only really noticeable when you’re posing the bag for a photograph. Nobody is likely to notice the patchwork lines are a bit askew while you’re carrying it around at the supermarket.

So, would any of you like my imperfect little bag?

All you have to do to qualify is post a comment on this post, and tell me a little bit about your latest creative project. You can link to your own blog post, some flickr photos, or just tell me a little bit about it in words. Your choice. You have until 4:00pm Eastern Time, tomorrow June 4th to post a comment, and then I will choose a random winner.

Good luck!


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Posted on 37 Comments

37 thoughts on “Makin’ bags and givin’ stuff away

  1. my latest project(s) are making chunky bracelets like on my flickr site or mezuzot (seen same place) and folding wax paper cranes for Judy Dunn. I am enjoying the flow of creativity I have going on in my new clayroom 😀

    btw…love the bags gf. I agree with folks. sell them!

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  2. My latest projects include some handbags too! And also some chef’s aprons using bright vibrant colors – red, orange, and pink. I don’t have any pictures yet though. I’m still in the process of cutting out all the pieces.

  3. Oh I do love the fabric and color choices!! My latest project was Mother’s Day gifts. I gave a bag full of hand embroidered neck wraps and heat therapy bags along with chocolate, a candle, and some good girlie smelling stuff.

    FYI, I get compliments every time I wear my “sheet skirt” out!! I can’t wait to make more!!

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  4. That’s a cute bag! I love the fabric. My crafty project now is setting up my own craft room! We’re moving to a bigger apartment, and now I don’t have to share with my hubby who keeps complaining I’m taking over the place!

  5. All of the bags are adorable! Now I kinda wish I hadn’t spent my birthday money.

    Beautiful Work!

  6. ooooooohhhhhhhh….. look awfully cute to me!
    You saw my latest creative project on flickr–I tried making a tiered skirt for the first time, from one my sheet swap remnants. It’s not any kind of masterpiece of workmanship, but I’ve worn it twice since making it–it’s perfect for ME, lightweight by lots of volume and length, with a drawstring and a story attached. I’m already plotting my next one. (Oh, and BTW–it didn’t waste ANY of the sheet remnant–the two pieces for the top tier and two pieces for the third tier used EVERY square inch of that tan paisley sheet segment, perfectly.)

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  7. My latest project is making some bracelets for myself and my daughter. I am making the beads and she is doing the wire work. It is a great together project!! But, your sewing has inspired me to get my machine out again. LOL.


  8. Lovely bag – my fingers are crossed!!

    My latest projects are pictured on my blog, and have been gifts for our godson (pillowcase, travel pillow, bath mat, gift bag and homemade playdough), and for a niece moving into her first house (table topper, hotpads, coasters, tea towels and placemats). Now I’m going to be working on a “challenge” apron for myself using ….. applique *scared look* 🙂

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  9. Ok…I just have to say that your blog is great! You are doing fabulous on the bags…keep up the great work. I recently made a market bag and also some heat packs (both are pictured on my blog). I am currently working on scrapbooking my daughter’s highlights of 2nd grade. Have a Good One!
    – Kashoan

  10. Hi Lisa,
    I read you blog daily. It’s always full of crafty……everything! My current project is helping with a theatrical production that my son is in. He is a 6th grader and his school is doing the musical “Fiddler On The Roof”. We have a professional director and I’ve been making costumes, sets etc. It is so much fun to see the kids through the creative process of “the stage”. That’s it. Love the bag 🙂

  11. I am working on my first Lazy Girl Designs Miranda bag….love it so far, although I am having trouble deciding on the kind of handles I want since my fabric is limited and the bag is bigger than I thought!

    That’s a great bag, nice give-away. Thanks for the chance.

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  12. That is such a cute bag. I love the shape and the colours.

    The latest thing I worked on was favour bags for my girls 5th birthday. I used turquoise broadcloth, ribbon and a thrifted pillow case for the underwater sealife applique. It was finished so last minute that I forgot to take pictures of all 28. I’ll have to settle for pics of my 3 kids bags.

  13. that joel dewberry aviary colection is my absolute favorite! i have that same bird print tucked away~ i think i may sew a new baby carrier out of it 🙂

    as for my latest crafty projects, i have been busy trying to get end of the year teacher gifts finished by thursday morning. i am making them lunch bags! fun! and i may also have time this week to make some pretty new things out of my swap sheets 🙂 i will be sure to post pics to flickr group if/when i am done…

    See what erika~ inspired mama musings has been blogging about: june!

  14. my latest project is having you make a skirt for my daughter. does that count? hope so cause i’m not crafty.

  15. my latest projects are: finishing up clay pens, setting up my craft space and working on my older son’s scrapbook from his first to second birthdays.

    I love the bags – you are so crafty!

  16. Hi Lisa,

    I’m making aprons, trimming dish towels and other gifty things in eager preparation for an “After the Christmas School Play” craft fair at my kid’s school.
    I have no blog or fliker acct. Although I’d like to.
    I like your bags—I have patterns and fabric but haven’t started to add those into the Christmas sweat shop roster yet.

  17. My latest creative project are my Ticket Bowls. I’ve been asked by a store in New Jersey if I would consider putting some in her store on consignment. I’ve also been making watercolored coffee filter roses for the past 6 months now. I just can’t stop making them! Each and every one turns out a different color even when I use the same watercolors. I think it has to do with how wet the coffee filters are when I paint them.

    I’m selling both items in my etsy shop at

    Thanks for looking and thanks for entering me in the give-away for the bag!!

    Have an art-filled week!

    See what sherry goodloe has been blogging about: Got Jars?

  18. I am working on sewing some clothes for my 3 year old (and for myself), mainly from tutorials I find on blogs because, well, frankly, because I’m cheap! LOL! I also just love how people just come up with these ideas – like your Sheet Skirt. I have some twin sheets that were in the donation pile that I have to go back and pull out now! Thanks for all your great and inspiring ideas!

  19. My latest creative project is making clothe shopping bags and skirts from the sheet swap. Thanks for doing the sheet swap. Once I figure out how to use my new digital camera I’ll send you some pictures.

  20. Why yes, I love the bird bag and would love to take it off your hands!

  21. OOohhhhh I live in England, can I still enter? No worries if not, I’ll tell you anyway…….. I am currently working on little felt embellishments and softies and learning how to use my sewing machine (I’m just a beginner!) I’m hoping to branch out into bags in the near future, once I’ve learnt all the basics. I love getting inspiration from all the amazing blogs out there, feel kinda bad that I don’t have a blog to share in the fun, but have little to show for my efforts at the mo so maybe sometime soon, I’ll set one up! and definately think you should be selling those bags! GORGEOUS!!

  22. I’ve been following your handbag posts thinking that the colors are way out of my comfort zone, but somehow this bag speaks to me… probably the beige along the top and bottom lol! Somehow, I think I could handle these colors.
    My latest project is a plastic pumpkin I bought last October. I’m painting a little village around it.
    I love reading your blog… it’s always fresh, uplifting, and colorful. You have a great sense of humor and it shows through in your writing.

  23. Yo! I LOVE the bag! Very cute! What I’m doing lately creativity wise you can see over on my blog… starting with May 27th’s post. My partner and I have been painting out our bedroom and dressing room!

    See what Connie has been blogging about: Bedrooms – Home and Away!

  24. Hi Lisa 😀

    I knew you would get to selling your bags!! YAY!
    I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results!

    I’m currently working on a necklace made in the same style as my Faerly Flowery Faery Bracelets which you can see here:

    My daughter and I have special story time where we make up stories together about ‘Princess Lily’ and her best friend the fairy, Stella. The necklace will be part of a new series based on these stories.

    Great contest!! 😀

    See what Starr has been blogging about: tuesday on etsy

  25. Holy Mackarel! You have a zillion people enterring this contest. I really hope I win, but it looks like the competition is fierce.
    My latest project involves my own blog contest (shameless plug, but it’s true). I am giving away a custom-designed piece of jewellery in a random draw, one of the entry requirements in a comment describing what you will order when you win. I am trying to make each piece as it is submitted, before the entry deadline – and I am posting the photos as I complete them. I think this adds excitement to the contest.
    Anyways, I’d love it if you enterred, if only to find out what you would order.

    See what erin has been blogging about: inspired by John B

  26. I knew you could do the bags – great work! And the buttons you make are such a nice accessory!

  27. Oh, and I have no creative juices flowing at the moment, and thus no creative project. I just wanted to compliment you on the bags – feel free to leave me out of the contest! 🙂

  28. Oh what adorable bags!!

    My most recent project was some cloth napkins for my mom, but I’m about to start on a maternity dress to wear to a wedding later this year because we just found out we are going to have a baby!

  29. Hi Lisa, LOVE your new bags! I’d like to try to make one too! My current creative projects include; a purse (a placemat purse to be exact! – got the idea from WhiMsy Love) they are fun and very easy to sew! Also I did Gifts in a Jar with my MOPS group so that everyone has a few gifties to give away to teachers, school personnel and so on for the end of the school year – thank you gift. My blog is, if anyone wants to read more…

    See what Laura has been blogging about: Funny…

  30. What a beautiful bag! I have had you bookmarked for about a year now and I check in periodically to drool a bit. I have thus far avoided the slippery slope of fabric obsession (if I try to do one more thing my head will explode), but I have a deep and abiding admiration for those who wield a needle. At the moment I am knee deep in inventory for my store and consequently have very little time to pursue my own artistic inclinations which lean in a papery/polymer clay-ey direction.

  31. LOVE that bag! All of them actually. My latest crafty pursuit is to make papercrafted items to sell and raise money for my Avon 2Day Walk for Breast Cancer! You can see my recent cards at

  32. Oh your bags are so sweet! Love them 🙂

    I’ve been on a bit of a short term blog break lately so no photos to show you. However, I’ve been busy creating! I’ve been working on a summer wardrobe for myself. So far, 2 tops and 3 skirts. In the wings: 1 more top, 2 more skirts, a dress and a pair of shorts. This is the summer of the easy breezy wrap skirt! lol I’ve also been doing some canning. Today it’s dilly beans and pickled asparagus. In between batches, I’m also binding 3 little journals for my boys to give to their teachers. I’m using a photo I took of our state flower as the cover. It’s a busy day today, for sure!

    See what Emily has been blogging about: Menu Day

  33. Bags, jewelry, you are so multi-talented. Maybe that’s why I selected you as one of five people to receive the Arte y Pico Award. The award is meant for people who inspire others through their creative spirit. To pick up your award, visit my Blog and read today’s post where I talk about how much you inspire me.

    See what Lisa has been blogging about: So Honored to Receive the Arte y Pico Award

  34. Love the bags! I LOVE your buttons, too!! I’ve been making ‘stuff’ for my little munchkin, and am sort of teaching myself to crochet. Well, actually, my Mom is helping in that last endeavor… bless her heart. 😉

  35. I just love your bags!! All of them. I just started sewing and I’m working on “Jeans” Aprons. I have made a bag, but nothing as pretty as yours. I’m also going to make the sheet skirt as soon as I can find an old sheet I like. Thanks for all of your great tips and tutorials.

  36. Oh…I love that bag!!….and good thing I spent the day yesterday at my sisters claying because I haven’t been in the creative mode in some time…we worked on two clay projects and you can read about them in my latest blog entry…. Melanie:)

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