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Morning peace

Summer mornings in our back yard can be so peaceful. There is something for every sense, from the lush green of the surrounding trees, to the symphony of birdsongs that permeate the air. Those birds are actually quite loud! Still, it feels peaceful. Tranquil.

Morning in the back yard

I love the idea of coming out to the back yard in my pajamas, cup of tea in one hand, laptop in the other, to have a little breakfast and start my morning among the birds and the trees before the rest of the neighborhood has ventured out. There are no voices, few cars, no lawn equipment or chainsaws humming, none of the usual things one expects to hear outside on the weekend.

One Object 365 Days: 152/365 05/31/08

It’s rare that I actually step out the back door and enjoy this environment, much as I might like to. Most mornings, to come out here would require that I bring little people with me. And while, normally, I like listening to them play nicely on the swing set below as I sit on the patio with a book or my laptop, this morning hour just doesn’t seem like the right time for that. One of the little people has a problem with volume control. The effort it would take to get him to maintain the peace would just be more work than I’m willing to do.

Morning in the back yard

So my mornings out here are few and far between. And some days, like today, when I wake up and know that this is how I want to start my day, some compromises have to be made to make it happen. The loud child plugs himself into a computer game. And the older child is allowed to come with me because he understands what it means to be quiet. Mostly. There is still entirely too much talking going on for my taste, but at least it’s hushed talking. And he likes to take swigs of my Lady Gray tea, which I guess is ok. I wouldn’t have been likely to finish it myself before it got cold, anyway. All in all, it’s nice to have company back here for a while – someone to share some of our quirky backyard friends with. Like the bird who keeps coming back to our swing set to pull strings off of the ripped tarp so he can use them for his nest.

The neighborhood has been slowly waking up as I sit here. I can hear the neighbors outside on their deck, probably breakfasting. There are more cars going by now. I think it’s time for me to get dressed and start tackling that to-do list. In a few minutes. Maybe.



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Posted on 1 Comment

1 thought on “Morning peace

  1. wow….it sounds so peaceful I can almost feel it. I love mornings before the insanity fo the day has begun. Thankfully my *kids* don’t drink my caffeine, they would rather drink from the pool 😀

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