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Spring break

Our town’s Spring Break is this week.  Eamonn’s preschool is in another town, and his break was about a month ago.  So, Aidan and I are getting some rare one-on-one time.  This morning we dropped off the little guy and then went to Panera for a leisurely breakfast.  He feasted on a pumpkin muffin top and chocolate milk, while I had an everything bagel and a caramel latte.  (Interestingly enough, this child who generally won’t eat any meal that I prepare, had no problem scarfing down a portion of my latte. )

Next stop, Old Navy to buy flip-flops.  Gotta love that 2 for $5 deal.

We got home, fully intending to apply ourselves to some housework, but neither one of us was in the mood.  “How about I set the timer for 30 minutes?  We can play until it beeps, and then we have to work.”  He agreed, I set the timer, and we went our separate ways.  I installed myself and my laptop into my favorite living room chair, while he went off to be secretive in the family room.  30 minutes later, he showed me what he was up to:  he’d cleaned the whole room!  He spent his play time picking up toys, errant dirty socks, and garbage from the floor.  He even grabbed the dustbuster and did some vacuuming.  I tell you, that kid is a peach.  I don’t remember any spontaneous kid cleaning happening when Eamonn had a week off 😉

Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Spring break

  1. Wow! Sounds like an awesome day. Kuddos to Aidan:) Cherish such times with him.

    1. Yes, it was a nice day, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the week with him – he doesn’t really get much one-on-one time with me under normal circumstances, so this is a great opportunity for us.

  2. Love when that kind of thing happens! Tonight I asked Avner to get clean placemats and napkins for the dinner table. I had set out silverware and stuff, intending to set the table so he could go back to playing a game involving rubber balls and his grabber-nabber. When I went back in the room 10 minutes later the table was set! He got major Kid Points for that.

    1. WTG, Avner! Isn’t it great when they get so excited to please us? It makes me feel like I did something right, when I see my kid doing something nice just for the pleasure of making someone else happy.

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