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It may be quiet here for a day or two


I’ve got Clayathon on the brain. I’m figuring out what new-this-year books & videos I’m going to bring with me for the “Polka Dot Creations South” ( as I like to call it) that I’ll be setting up in my room. I’m also gathering up all of the canes I want to bring with me, clay, supplies, tools, etc. And, I probably should bring a few changes of clothes, I suppose. Big Grin Busy busy busy! (Not to mention, Giddy giddy giddy! Color-mixing! Button-making! Wheeeeee!!)

Freshcut canes

And then there are the regular things to be done, like food shopping and laundry. And it would be really nice if I could get a few more orders out the door before I go…

Here’s hoping the snow isn’t piling up outside, conspiring against my productivity.

I probably won’t be blogging tomorrow, but don’t be surprised to see me reporting on location from South Jersey sometime this weekend.


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