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Bagel love

Oh, Bagel how I love thee

Oh, Bagel, how I love thee. Your delectableness calls to me from across town, and I am drawn, helpless, into the shop. I must have you for my own.

Today I desire you light and doughy, covered in an Everything coating, coyly concealing three slices of Taylor Ham,  and sharing your brown bag home with a cup of decaf. Despite the best efforts of the girl at the counter, be she hard of hearing or simply flighty, who gives me regular coffee and serves you to me dark & crispy, I am still under your power and helpless to resist.

Oh, Bagel, how I love thee

Oh, Bagel, how I love to extract you from your foil coating and set you on a deep blue plate, so I may enjoy you with a touch of class. But your tenure on my plate is all too fleeting a pleasure. I have waited all morning to surrender to your charms, and now I must let the memory of our time together carry me gently into evening, where I will attempt to fill the void with a can of Dr. Pepper and a few slices of frozen pizza.

Nothing compares to you, my love, and I will roam these halls empty and aching until the bagel shop opens once again, and I hold you excitedly, expectantly in my hands.

Until we meet again – perhaps with a Salt coating and Fat Free Tuna inside – I remain

Yours, utterly and completely,

Posted on 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “Bagel love

  1. now that is a true love letter. Not to mention that looks and sounds delish!

    1. Oh, it was. And it’s probably responsible for every pound I’ve gained in the last year… I have a bit of a self-discipline problem 😉

  2. Great!! Now I want a bagel – LOL. Thanks for that nudge towards my lunch choice.

    1. I aim to please, LOL!

  3. That was fabulous. I must say that I share your love affair with bagels. I however prefer mine with bacon, egg and cheese!

    1. My “usual” is fat free tuna on a very light everything bagel. I order it so often it just rolls off my tongue now 😀 And now I want lunch. At 10:30am.

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  5. ohh how I love these bagel’s I miss them we can’t get them here where I live

    1. I think I’d go crazy if I couldn’t get bagels regularly! These are particularly delicious ones.

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