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Oh, Google, what are you trying to do to me?

As if I didn’t already have more than enough trouble keeping up with my favorite feeds in Google Reader.  Now they are dangling new feeds in front of me to try.  Yeah, like I need that.  They’ve analyzed my current subscriptions, compared them to other Google Reader users, and come up with a blogs that they think I would like.  And they’ve already sucked me in to subscribing to one of them.

Oh, please, Google, do not taunt me with more creative reading. Please!  I have 5864 unread items in my reader right now, and even after I go through and mark the boring things like local news as read, there will still be at least 4000 items.  Back when this first began to get out of hand, I singled out a handful of favorite blogs and created a “Read Me First” folder.  This way, if I didn’t have a chance to keep up with everything, I at least wasn’t going to miss what my favorite bloggers were up to.  At last count, Read Me First was up to 287 unread items.  I think I may have to break that further into Read Me First and Read Me Second folders…

Anyway, thanks, Google, for the suggestions, but you’re killing me over here.

Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Oh, Google, what are you trying to do to me?

  1. Heh…I do this with my friends list on LiveJournal — I have several different filters just for reading. That way if I get behind at least I can read the ones most important to me.

  2. Poor Lisa. Google overload! Don’t let the blogs swamp you! fight, over come, win!! book arrived yesterday. dang that was fast! thanks

  3. I have to admit that I stopped using Google Reader. They made that change where the table-of-contents would disappear unless you clicked on a button to make it appear. It turned out that it was very necessary for me to be able to see the table of contents all the time.

    I didn’t like the new change, so I moved to Newzcrawler.

    And I stripped out about a hundred feeds that I don’t read any more.

    See what Rob Solomon has been blogging about: Perl

  4. I completely understand, when my reader gets that constipated, I usually just mark everything that is not in my artsy folder as read. There is no way I am missing post secret for anything!

    I read a blog yesterday where they had blogs rated 6 levels deep depending on interest and time. I may have to go to that one day soon.

    I am so one focused sometimes, I didn’t even notice the suggest-a-blog-o-matic. Now that you have mentioned it, I must investigate. (which means my feeds will be growing too).

    I love a pretty shiney thing!

  5. I got totally behind last week when we lost our internet. I finally had to admit defeat and just start anew and go back and catch up. I’ve noticed the Google recommendations as well, though I can’t seem to break past the knitting blog recommendations.

    See what kat has been blogging about: Speaking of Christmas Shopping

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