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A napkin-ey weekend


New Napkins

As you may know, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in so much stuff this week, but I needed some moments of brainless activity to help keep me sane. Sewing a series of straight lines is brainless enough for me, so I worked on my non-seasonal everyday napkins. I did a few every day this week and finished up the last of them this morning. I really like them – they go nicely with the navy blue and white color scheme in my kitchen. These are all patterns from Susan Branch’s Martha’s Vineyard Watercolor collection. I already had the navy blue fireworks and the white/navy toile patterns, which I had made 4 napkins and an apron out of a while back, but I wanted more (in quantity and in variety). I’m so happy with the way they came out!

I’m less happy with the success rate of my brainless activity at keeping me sane… I spaced-out on two commitments today. It’s bad enough to forget one thing, but two? At 1:30 today I remembered Aidan was supposed to go to a birthday party from 12:00-2:00. He missed it. And at 2:30 today, as I was driving to the store to buy orange thread for my next napkin project, I remembered I had committed to making pumpkin bread for the MOMS Club bake sale at our town’s street fair this weekend. The bread was to be dropped off at 4:00 today. Needless to say I blew it there, too.

I am feeling so overwhelmed this weekend with things that I have to do and things that I want to do, and things that I don’t really have to do, but feel like I should do. Normally, I am the queen of lists, but I haven’t written any of this down. Maybe that’s why I feel so much like I am juggling – and why I keep dropping the ball.

It’s already 11:00 and I still have three important things to accomplish business-wise before I hit the sack. It’s Saturday Night, for crying out loud. I should be sitting on the couch with my sweetie watching almost-unwatchable comedy together and maybe sharing some pumpkin biscotti (a treat I haven’t made but really wish I did today). I should not be answering email, processing orders, or planning what to bring to tomorrow’s guild meeting.

Executive decision time:

  • I’ll process the orders that are necessary for tomorrow’s meeting.
  • I’ll just bring an armload of Judy Belcher’s new DVD with me to the meeting and not worry about any other titles.
  • Answering email can wait until tomorrow.

There. Thanks for being here while I brain-dumped. I feel a little better now. I’d feel a lot better if I had a pumpkin biscotti to munch on, though icon_wink-flickr-1-4


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Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “A napkin-ey weekend

  1. Are these napkins just made with cotton? Are they double sided?
    They are very lovely!

    1. Thank you! They’re quilter’s cotton, and single-sided. They basically have a double-folded hem all the way around.

  2. hello it’s me again…i finally got some fabric to make some napkins for my son (he’s too old for bibs but still makes huge messes at home and at school). What size are these napkins?

    1. You can really make them any size you like. When I make mine, I cut a piece of fabric about 18×13. The finished size ends up being a little bigger than 16×11. From what I’ve been reading in a few of the books that have napkin projects, my size is on the small side.

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