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Friday flickr favorites, live from Philly

Favorites week of September 10

Well, would you look at that?  It’s Friday already!   I’m not sure how that happened, but it did, and as a result, I have traded in my trusty spot on the family room couch for a soft, fluffy bed in the Hampton Inn.  We drove south tonight, my family and I, so that tomorrow I may broaden my artistic horizons in a Donna Kato workshop, while the children learn all about the hotel-provided Cartoon Network, and the husband takes advantage of the complementary Internet access.  I don’t usually have an entourage when I take a class, but I hemmed and hawed about coming here in the first place – I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend Saturday alone in a hotel room, but I also wasn’t sure I would be up for the 2 hour trip home tomorrow night only to come right back to Philadelphia Sunday morning.  And so, Neil, who is either incredibly sweet or incredibly crazy said “we’ll come with you, hang out in the hotel all day, and keep you company when you’re not in class.”  Awwww.

Now, I’ve said it before, the boys’ idea of a good vacation is getting to sit in a hotel room watching cable tv (which we don’t subscribe to at home).  So, presuming they don’t get a burst of monkey energy at any time during the day, this is going to be pure heaven for them.  And if they do get the urge to climb the walls?  Well, let’s just say I’ll come back Saturday night to one very frazzled husband who I will owe big time.  I may have to break down and actually give him that backrub he’s always asking for icon_smile-flickr-5-2

So, as I sit in this dark room, Neil to my left with his fingers clicking away on his own keyboard, the boys in their bed to my right, snoring quietly, I am thinking about my flickr favorites for the week.  And I am also thinking that I should have stopped dipping into the goldfish once my 7UP was gone because now I am really thirsty.  Perhaps I’ll seek out the hotel soda machine shortly, but for now, I must tell you that I need a pair of those polka dot shoes (second image in the mosaic).  They are so much like the pair of shoes that started it all.  Before blogging, I hadn’t thought about those old shoes in ages, but now I’m thinking I either need to find a pair somewhere, or make myself another pair…  Ooh!  Ohh!  I’m getting ideas now… instead of fabric markers (which, let’s face it, look like you just colored your own shoes) I can apply fabric dots somehow – that would be neat-looking!  I could cut out dots from several coordinating fabrics.  The Freshcut shoes!  Or the Lotus shoes!  Or the Aviary shoes!  Now I’m inspired.  I just have to figure out the best way to apply the dots… food for thought.

I probably won’t be around here tomorrow or Sunday.  Tomorrow night I might like to actually spend some time with the people who dragged themselves down here to be with me, and Sunday night I may just want to flop down somewhere and be entertained by Farscape and Stargate:SG1 reruns before dragging myself to bed.  Have a great weekend!

Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Friday flickr favorites, live from Philly

  1. stick em on with stitch witchery. Good stuff 😀

    I swear you have a foot fetish Lisa! Hope you have a blast with Donna. Her classes rock

    1. Yeah, I think perhaps I have a problem. But only where nifty shoes or funky socks are concerned – I’m not interested in *any* old feet 😉

  2. Fabri-tac is good stuff. I’ve used it to make decorated photo albums, and nothing’s ever come off. Just make sure you don’t lay the bottle on its side, because it’s like a space alien that can ooze out even if the bottle’s closed!

    1. I’ll keep that in mind – we have enough space aliens around here 😉

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