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Let’s call it a day

Rough day

It’s one of those days – Eamonn had a major meltdown over a Pop Tart at lunch time when Aidan ate the one he wanted. Nevermind that we had six more exactly like it. He wanted that one. Usually very reasonable about these things, he just couldn’t overcome his devastation at his brother’s inadvertent betrayal this time. I took the poor little bundle of emotion upstairs and cuddled with him for a while, during which time I ended up all weepy myself. I don’t know what it is today. I think we’re all a bit out-of-sorts. Maybe it’s impending school? Maybe it’s the fact that the house stinks of paint and the outdoors reeks of a dead animal, so there’s no place pleasant to go and just be?

The bug guy will be here any minute to figure out why we are still entertaining yellow jackets here at Casa Clarke after 8 days, and Neil is currently in the doctor’s waiting room, anticipating the answer to why a simple bruise now looks like a scary, hot, pulsating mound of doom. It’s just one of those days where things feel weird, I don’t think I really have much of a blog post in me, and I am looking forward to starting over with a brand new day tomorrow. One that feels productive and happy and normal.


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Let’s call it a day

  1. Um, pop tarts at lunch time? Perhaps he had a meltdown because of the immense amount of sugar in his system? 😉

    Anyway, please give Eamonn a hug for me, and please do keep us updated on Neil. Season change is always difficult on we humans. Here, the transition into rainy season is alwasy tough :-).

    1. LOL, well, perhaps sugar in his system may have been an issue (just call me Mother of the Year!) but I suspect it had more to do with the fact that he was up until 11:00 last night and then awake at his usual earlybird time this morning. Classic case of being overtired, I’d say.

      Neil most likely has a bruise that became infected. Or maybe Lyme Disease. But probably a bruise. Either way, it’s antibiotics for the next 2 weeks.

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