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M is for Moments

ReadingAs in, I’m trying to be more aware of the special Moments that make up my day. Despite the intentions I declared in June, I have spent much of the Summer hunched over. Hunched over my computer, working, reading email, reading blogs, playing on flickr, posting my own blog. Hunched over my sewing machine, learning to make fun things, mostly for me, but some also for the special people around me. Hunched over the clay table, mixing colors to match favorite fabric collections, turning the resulting canes into coordinating pendants and buttons. Hunched over one time-draining activity or another until I discover that the day has slipped away and then so has the week, and suddenly it’s August. That’s not to say that these distractions are bad. The enjoyment I have gotten out of my current creative streak is immeasurable, as is the fun I have had sharing the fruits of my labor here. As long as I continue to be personally fulfilled by these activities, I have no intention of stopping. Not completely, anyway.

I am working on being more conscious in my choice of activity. That is to say, I endeavor to look up at the clock more often and think to myself, “have I spent enough time on this already today? Is there anybody in this house who’s been looking for my attention? When was the last time we all got some fresh air? Is there something going on under my nose that I should be seeing – a Moment that bears noticing?” Today I looked up from my laptop to see the boys cuddled together in the papasan, the big one reading Captain Underpants to the little one. This went on for at least six chapters – a sweet Moment I would have missed, had I not bothered to take a breather from my email.

In the Encyclopedia of Me, M is for Moments and my personal quest not to let too many of them go by unnoticed.

Ok, next topic icon_smile-flickr-10 I’m so excited by the submissions to the Polka Dot Creations COLOR CHALLENGE! We started off with a lot of polymer clay artist submissions, many of which are stunning, by the way. We’re finally starting to see some pretty aqua pieces in other media too, which I find pretty exciting. One of my goals with this whole thing has been to find inspiration in materials I may not have thought about before, so it’s great to see other arts and crafts making an appearance. Check it out – we’ve got cupcakes – cupcakes – in the pool! How cool is that?

Some Color Challenge Samples

Beaded jewelry, paper arts, felted creatures – fun stuff! If you haven’t submitted your creations to the pool yet, you’ve got until August 25th, at which point, we’ll choose a winner. Get your entries in, and good luck!


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4 thoughts on “M is for Moments

  1. Well, with the only criteria being color and something you made, there are bazillions of opportunities. Except for me, because I’m still on orange. Two more sections of trim, some touch ups, and then. . .oh, then I’ll be moving furniture and emptying bookcases so I can get a floor and start organizing the next room. *sigh*

  2. I’m contemplating orange for October, so all you have to do is stretch your project another 2 months and you’ll be fine. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what you want to hear 😉

  3. I can’t say enough how much I LOVE reading your blog, Lisa. Sometimes you hit the nail right on the head… and taking stock of Moments is something I needed to hear.


  4. Thanks, Cat, that means a lot to me!

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