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H is for Homebody

I’m doubling-up today because I was a little late in starting the Encyclopedia of Me in the first place, and also because I thought of something I’d forgotten to ask you all about in my G entry icon_smile-flickr-6 More about that later. First, H.

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New apronNow, here is what I wanted to ask you about: I’d like to do some kind of challenge here, maybe on a monthly basis. I’d like it to be a color-based challenge, and since I seem to have readers who enjoy several different types of artwork/crafts, all media would be welcome. So, let’s say the first theme is red. If you’re a polymer clay artist, you would create a clay pendant where red is the predominant color. If you’re a photographer, you’d take an amazing shot of a cardinal on a branch. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you’d stitch together a red tote bag. You get the idea. You could enter as many times as you like, all entries would be posted to a flickr group, and at the end of the month, someone would win a gift certificate to Polka Dot Creations. I figure I’d choose a group of my favorite entries from the pool and of those entries, a random winner would be chosen.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Can I drum up enough participants? I think this could be a lot of fun, as long as we have enough artsy people getting involved. And you don’t have to be a clay artist to enjoy a PDC gift certificate. I sell a few other types of books/videos/magazines and I do sell my own creations – you can use a gift certificate on any of these things.

What do you think?? Tell me you are interested and that you want to get all of your crafty friends involved, too! I’m excited to create a flickr group and design a logo right NOW icon_smile-flickr-6 All I need are participants…


Posted on 11 Comments

11 thoughts on “H is for Homebody

  1. I am so there Lisa. sounds like fun 😀 Count me in!

  2. Ah, you know I’d play. I’m always up for a contest. And I’ve never had any trouble finding goodies at PDC!

  3. Ok, well then it looks like the three of us – you two can take turns winning every month 😉

  4. I am so with you on the homebody thing — sometimes, especially in summertime, I feel guilty about not getting out more, but the fact is that I’d rather be at home than anyplace else. I love to travel, but invariably by the end of each trip, I’m so looking forward to getting home.

    The contest sounds really cool — I’d probably participate at least sometimes!

  5. Sounds fun! I love a good craft challenge!!

  6. Tina – that’s probably why we have always gotten along 🙂 And I’m glad you’re interested in the contest – the more media the better! Oh, and I actually haven’t forgotten about that pendant I owe you… I just usually am remembering when it’s utterly inconvenient to do anything about it.

    Welcome, Jenn! I look forward to seeing what kinds of things you make.

  7. Sure, I’d love to play!

  8. LOVE the new anklet!!! Beautiful!!!!

  9. I’m in! Course I am not crafty, but I’d love to figure out something to photograph. And maybe it’ll get me more into Flickr (I did set up an account and put up four scrapbook pages yesterday. Thanks for the push!).

  10. I’d love to – might inspire me to get off my behind and do something. Could you start with orange? That’s the color I’m painting my bedroom, and I’ve been putting off painting for weeks. . .heh.

  11. […] to be in. It’s not that I am a party animal by any stretch of the imagination [see “H is for Homebody“], but I am what you might refer to as “housework-averse.” To be spending my […]

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