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A Flickin’ Weekend

colors_CandyRaise your hand if you were thinking yesterday that I was completely out of control.

Oh, wow, look at the bevy of wildly waving arms out there. That must be the 86 people who call me a Flickr contact… I was an uploading machine yesterday! I am pretty sure I heard a collective moan each time I sent up a new set of photos: “Oh, not polkadotcreations again! What is it this time? Pictures from her high school graduation? Images of her household clutter? More shots of her feet??” No, no, that’s not what I was uploading! Well, ok, there was a picture of my feet in there, but the rest of it was wrong icon_smile-flickr-1 No, I was uploading things like my polymer clay cane color schemes, some various around-the-house and family shots from this weekend, and some digital scrapbooking I did a while back.

[Here is the spot where the blogging pauses and I read Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat to Thing Two. And now blogging may resume…]

Where was I? Oh, yes. Digital Scrapbooking. I’m not a scrapbooker for a few reasons:

  1. I could never be so disciplined as to make a layout for all of the pictures I take, and I am just compulsive enough to know that if I can’t scrap ’em all, I don’t want to scrap any of ’em.
  2. If I tried to find time for scrapbooking, I’d have to ditch something else, and really, I’m running out of people in my family to ignore.
  3. I have no room for supplies. And trust me, I’d have to have a *lot* of the supplies, and papers (especially papers).
  4. I’d make a mess all over my studio -er, dining room, every time I made a new layout, and cleaning up a crafty mess is such a bummer.

So when I discovered that there are at least two sites that offer free digital scrapbooking kits,

[Here is the spot where the blogging pauses and I play a guessing game with Thing One (which I sucked at, btw). And now blogging may resume…]

[Here I get up off my butt to see what “present” Thing Two has given me. (It was a black checker, btw). And now blogging may resume…]

[Oh, good grief, Thing One has another guessing game for me. (I sucked at this one, too, btw). And now blogging may resume. right? whew.]

As I was saying, I had a specific project in mind that I thought the freebie digital kits would be perfect for. I made a 2007 calendar, using images from the previous year. It was a perfect way for someone like me to get into scrapping. By making it a finite project, I eliminated objection #1 and #2. By making it digital, I eliminated objection #3 and #4. Perfect! I plan to make a 2008 calendar the same way.

I’ve also recently discovered that Shabby Princess has a free downloadable desktop wallpaper every month. The layout is already done, all you need to do is stick a few of your own pictures in it. I’ve been using them since May when I first found out about it. I really like that the left sides of the wallpapers are very simple – it lets me see my icons better.

[Now blogging pauses again and I play level three of Thing One’s guessing game. (Yep, sucked again). And now blogging may resume…]

Are you getting the idea that there are a lot of interruptions around here today? As I type, Thing One is wandering around here yapping about how yellow his pee will be when he gets in the bathroom (boys!) and I am trying not to pay attention. Seems to me once the kids are out of diapers, the color of their pee is no longer my concern. Unless it’s call-the-doctor-orange.


It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon, with thunder and all of the trimmings, and we’ve all pretty much entertained ourselves today. I spent some time claying, but I’m unhappy with the results. I want to do something different than my usual – something special that I can wear all of the time. I’ve been a bit emotionally fragile this weekend, thinking about things that happened earlier this year, and I thought it would nice if I made a small remembrance in the form of jewelry. I want the sybolism to be subtle – enough for me to know what it’s about but not advertise it to everyone else who may look at it. And I need the colors to be neutral enough not to clash with my clothes, and attractive enough that I will want to keep it on. I’ve tried to do this before – I made a pendant – but I just didn’t like it enough to wear more than once. I guess I need to mull it over a bit more before jumping in.

[Guessing game level four. I did better this time – he made it multiple choice.]

I think I’m going to make a decent dinner tonight, so I will sign off now. Hope you have had a nice weekend and that I didn’t drive you too mad with the Flickr invasion icon_wink-flickr-3

[Guessing game level five, while I inserted all of the links into the post – just two more levels to go! And where is Thing Two? He’s much too quiet…]


[edited to add: I forgot to mention Songbird Avenue. Every month they sell a digital scrapbooking kit with 100% off the proceeds going to a different charity. I bought their first one, but I can’t seem to find it on my hard drive at the moment icon_rolleyes-flickr-2]

Posted on 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “A Flickin’ Weekend

  1. Love the documented interruptions in your writing. I liked looking through your Flickr stuff. Wanted to add as a great site to check out for Digital Scrapbooking.

  2. my goodness….loving all those interruptions are ya? Sounds like your day was a wild one. Thank goodness most of my *fids* (finned, furred and feathered kids) don’t talk and the one that does I can ignore! ROFL

  3. Hi, Mandy, nice to meet you 🙂 I checked out ScrapGirls – their one freebie is just *packed* with stuff! Thanks for that link!

    Kathi, you know, normally I’d have told them to buzz off until I was done (nicely, of course, LOL!) but I’m trying not to be so immersed in my computer world that I miss the real world going on around me. I did at one point, though, tell the older one (who was doing the guessing game) that he had to wait 10 minutes between “levels” so that I could at least get a few sentences out 😉

  4. Nice to meet you too Lisa. Glad to hear you liked Scrap Girls. There is also an eNewsletter that goes out 6 times a week that tells you about new freebies and includes free tutorials and lots of layout inspiration. You might enjoy it as well. Guess it depends on how hooked you are to digital scrapbooking. 🙂

  5. Hmm, well, let’s say I’m hooked enough to subscribe to their blog feed, but not enough to get email about it every couple of days 🙂

  6. Hillarous, thats all I can say on this post I just loved it, the pauses, you should have written a book you do a fab way of describing.
    I am loving the poly work delicious, free digi scrap book – cool


  7. Thanks – glad you enjoyed it! That post took me at *least* an hour to write, with all of the interruptions 😉

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