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Crafty Little Bee

I got a pile of sewing and claying done since yesterday, and you can see all of it in this picture! First, last night, I used my favorite fabric from the Freshcut collection and made a wraparound skirt from the Sew What book. I’m really happy with it, it was relatively easy, and I will […]

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A pocket full of posies

Anybody interested in sharing some opinions with me? As you may know, I have been playing around with polymer clay posies. The six to the left are my first batch. The solid colors are matte and the patterned layers are shiny. All layers are the same thickness and are rounded. They’re topped off with a […]

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Cool new magazine

I went to re-order something for my store this morning, only to find that it was out of print. Bummer. But, I found something cool! This special publication, Artful Blogging, will be available in August. You can get more details on it here. I don’t usually make magazines available for preorder (aside from PolymerCAFE), but […]

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