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Messy, Messy Lisa


Oh, how I wish I were neat and tidy… How I wish I could get a box of books in the mail, unpack them, put them on the shelves, and recycle the box all within 15 minutes of their arrival. But, alas, that is not me. I do not have a company-ready home. I am the person who does the mad-dash emergency cleanup when a friend calls and says “I’m coming over.” The idea of an unannounced visitor gives me the chills. And not in a good way.

When a new shipment arrives, I do generally open it right away, but I usually don’t unpack it. Instead, I balance it precariously on the top of Mount Boxmore, where it sits in a place of honor until the next shipment should arrive. On a day when I need to pack orders, it’s often an adventure in itself just trying to juggle the boxes around to find the particular book I need.

I really do dislike living this way, and I’ve tried all kinds of head games with myself to make it stop. The most effective by far, though, is always the threat of impending company. I have a friend dropping by tomorrow evening to dye some clothes with me. If we could set up the buckets of dye in the middle of the kitchen, I’d be happy – the kitchen is clean. Company-ready, in fact, and has been for several weeks now (*blush*, I’m so proud!). Even the living room, which she will have to walk through to get to the kitchen, is the best-looking it’s been in months. It’s not perfect, but it’s not mortifying anymore, and that’s progress…

Unfortunately, a bunch of dye baths in the kitchen just can’t be a good idea, and we’re going to have to be outside. Being out in the back yard requires walking through the family room. I’m not joking when I tell you it will be a task just to clear a path to the back door. Oh, how embarrassing. So, while I rack my brain trying to come up with ways that we can do this without exposing her to my family room with the toys all over the floor and the gaping holes in the furniture upholstery, I figure I ought to at least do something about those boxes of books & videos.

It took me an hour and a half, and I’m still not done, I’ve uncovered orders that showed up here in April, but I quit. I’m hot and tired. The boxes are all emptied, broken down, and in the garage awaiting recycling day. Most of what was in the boxes has been put away, and what is left is stacked up nicely. Even if I don’t manage to finish this tomorrow, I will at least be not so horrified to let anyone see it.

I still would like to avoid this room tomorrow night – there’s no way to fix all that ails it in one day. [If anyone has evidence that three buckets of dye in the kitchen isn’t a big deal, please leave me a comment – I *want* to believe this, so I can just close the family room door and forget it.]

Ah, but enough about my housekeeping inadequacies.

You know, I promised you all a clay-related post oh, about 5 days ago… Sorry about that. Maybe tomorrow? I’ve got some new creations to scan in, too. I made little posy rings and hairpins. Right now, though, I need to log out and reacquaint myself with my husband. He’s a clay/fabric/blog widower lately and I think he needs a hug




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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Messy, Messy Lisa

  1. Hey Lisa,

    May I be so bold as to recommend She might just be able to help ;-)…… Love your Blog!!

  2. Thanks, Mary 🙂 I was actually quite into Flylad about a year and a half ago, and what a difference it made! I’m having a hard time getting back into it wholeheartedly, but I do still use some of her ideas, and they’re helping me stay on top of the laundry and keep the kitchen clean! I need to babystep back into it…

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Can I just raise my hand and say “me too”?

    When my husband and I got married, he jokingly told me that I had a year to mend my messy ways. Um, well, here we are 23 years and 6 children later, and yanno what? I’m still a messie. My piles develop piles. It’s embarassing to have people come over because unlike you, my kitchen is usually NOT clean, and the lovely open plan of our house shows the disarray of school books, library books, craft projects, unfolded laundry, and assorted sports equipment.

    On the other hand, I want to echo what Mary said about FlyLady. It DOES work – just like Weight Watchers, if you work the plan then the plan will work for you. Times in the past, I’ve had my act together and we could have drop-over company.

    However, right now I don’t even want to post pictures of my house. The kids have taken over the dining room with the sewing machine and a gazillion patterns and fabric covers the table, chairs, and floor. (3 of the kids love to sew, and each of them has at least one project in process in there. I dunno how they keep each other’s patterns straight!)

    I vascilate between the maxims that a well ordered home is worth it’s weight in gold for the stress relief alone, and the concept that this won’t matter when compared to my children’s growing-up years. The only problem with the latter is the example I’m setting for the kids. They’ve grown up NOT cleaning up after themselves and that is a bad habit to have created in them and I’m definitely not proud of myself on that score. Yeah. That’s not good.

    So anyway, I hear your pain, hon. Running a full-time business, raising a family, and keeping a home clean are like the circus performer who spins plates on sticks – It can be done, but it keeps you running.

    Big hugs, and you’re gonna be in my thoughts today.

    OH! Um, I had an idea about the kitchen…
    You know how when you go to paint a room, you use masking tape and plastic drop cloths? Okay so why couldn’t you just cover the cabinets, counters and floor with the plastic sheeting? It’s pretty cheap, cuts easily, and masking tape is easy to maneuver. Dunno if this would help ya, but figured I’d throw it out there.


  4. Glad to see I’m not alone! And yeah, I have those same vacillations, particularly in terms of the example I’m setting. My boys are little slobs, and much of it is my fault. That’s one of the things I hope to work on this summer. Wish me luck!

    And thanks for the suggestion re: the kitchen. That could work.


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