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The posy saga and more

il_155x125-8680399-flickr As I look around the once-clean living room at the toys strewn about, I am feeling distinctly like I need to do something about it. Or, at the very least, press the child who made the mess into service.

Instead, let’s talk about flowers I decided that I really did like the first batch the best and that it only needed a few changes. So, I gave it a new center and added a leaf. I am finally satisfied. Whew! I made a few of them to coordinate with Heather Bailey’s Freshcut fabric collection, and listed them on Etsy. In fact, I listed 9 new items today, all in that colorway.

Now, as far as using that actual fabric goes, I have something planned for the one with the large floral motif. I bought this great book the night I got my sewing machine, and it’s called Sew What! Skirts. I love the concept – instead of sewing from a pattern, take your own measurements and make something that is guaranteed to fit your unique body. And these skirts look pretty simple, even for a beginner like me. A few nights ago, I made an elastic-waist a-line skirt from a thrifted sheet, using instructions from that book. I didn’t photograph it, since I’m not too thrilled with the way it came out. That’s ok, though, because I learned a few things in the process and now I’m ready to make something with my expensive fabric.

The project I’m trying with the nice stuff is a wraparound skirt. I looked over the instructions, and it’s so similar to the half-apron I’ve made a few times that I know I can do it. Assuming I took my measurements correctly…

Now, for those of you who have been patiently watching my blog wondering “when is she going to stop blabbering on about posies and sewing and tell us about the latest polymer clay books?” I give you this teaser… The truth of the matter is that there hasn’t been much to write home about in terms of new things (well, except the Cats book, but I already wrote about that!). But, all of that is going to change this summer when a few long-awaited items hit the shelves.

Right now, I have a living room to clean and laundry to fold, but the next time I blog, it will be to give you a rundown of what is coming soon in polymer clay publications land. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, go buy yourself something cute at Etsy

Happy Friday!

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