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A pocket full of posies

Anybody interested in sharing some opinions with me? As you may know, I have been playing around with polymer clay posies. The six to the left are my first batch. The solid colors are matte and the patterned layers are shiny. All layers are the same thickness and are rounded. They’re topped off with a small Bali silver bead.

I liked them, but thought they needed to be bigger, and maybe have the solid colors be toned down. Enter batch #2.

I used darker colors for the solids, and I added two more layers behind the flowers to make them a bit bigger. The solid color layers are half as thin as they were before and their edges have not been rounded. The patterned layers are still done the same way as before. I replaced the Bali silver bead with a ball of clay.

I do like these but I thought maybe dark wasn’t the way to go after all, and I missed the touch of silver I had before. Enter batch #3.

I went back to the lighter colors and replaced the clay ball with a much smaller clay ball with a silver seed bead embedded into it.

My original thought with posting this was to ask for opinions on the three options, but as I write, I realize I’m not satisfied with any of them!

There are elements of all three that appeal to me – I think #2 is my favorite, and if I make all layers the same thickness and rounded, as in #1 and the silver bead as in #3, I might have something. I’m undecided about color, mainly because I am trying to match fabric with most of these. Some of the color decisions that would work against white, for instance, don’t really complement the colors in the fabric. And I may have to resign myself to the idea that what works for one type of fabric may not work with another – I like to have a “set” way of doing a particular project, and it will upset my world order to think that I could use bright colors on one posy and darker accent colors on another. Oh, my head! I may just have to get over that

I’m going to have a lot of these things to unload when all is said and done… anybody interested in a contest where the prize is a pocket full of posies?

In other clayful things, I spent some time yesterday mixing a batch of custom colors for more fabric. I’m really happy with two of them, and not so thrilled with a third.

Ok, it’s noon and my tummy is grumbling.  I’m off to bake me some Naan from Trader Joe’s.  Love that stuff! It’s the closest to real Indian restaurant Naan that I’ve found anywhere.



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Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “A pocket full of posies

  1. I think they are all adorable! My favorite posies are the first ones. The second ones seem a little dark for flowers. I guess when I think flowers, I think bright summery colors. Actually, the second batch would probably go well with Fall designs. I’m not sure about the background layer on the second and third batches. It seems to take away from the flower effect. I really like the silver centers.

    Have a great day!

  2. What I like is the flower shape on the bottom of the first set. I think if you combined that with building them up another layer and leaving the flower shape on the bottom rather than the round shape that they would look terrific. The Flower shape makes them easily recognizable from a distance. I do like the sort of camo colors of the second set. Would make a great flower for a soldier. They’re a very pretty design 🙂

  3. Thanks for your feedback, Ladies! I made a few more this afternoon, that I think I’m happy with – they’re a lot like the first set, but I added a leaf. I’ll post them tomorrow!

  4. I know absolutely zilch about polymer clay but I know that I love all of your flowers!!! All of them! Please excuse my ignorance, but what would/could they be used for?? They are so pretty, I would love one as a pendant!!!

  5. Most of these particular ones are fitted with pin findings so they could be used as brooches, or attached to a tote bag handle, or a bucket hat, or something like that as an accent. But the definitely could be done as pendants also. 🙂

  6. […] let’s talk about flowers    I decided that I really did like the first batch the best and that it only needed a few changes.  So, I gave it a new center and added a leaf.  I […]

  7. […] In the first, was this great little change purse from Trail Mix Designs. She had admired a few of my posies, so we did a trade. I love this cute purse, and the bonus card she sent. She makes great patchwork […]

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