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Polka Dot Cottage, RIP

[edited: This post refers not to the current Polka Dot Cottage that you are reading, but to a message board I had, which was called Polka Dot Cottage.  At the time, this blog and shop were still under the Polka Dot Creations umbrella. Confused? Sorry about that!]

cottage175-flickrWell, I closed the doors on The Polka Dot Cottage today.  There were several lesser reasons, but the main one is that I am just being pulled in so many directions lately, and I have a strong desire to prioritize.  I have to decide what I *really* want to spend my free time on.  The message board just didn’t make the cut.

If you’ve been one of my visitors there, thanks for your participation.  It was never a fast-paced board, but it was a nice, friendly one.

Now… on to more prioritization.  What’s next to go?  Maybe the laundry…



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