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Of rice pillows and surgeries

10 ricepillow 02

One of the secret Christmas crafts I made was a rice pillow. Well, actually three rice pillows. I followed Blair’s tutorial, which was terrific, but I made a few changes. For one, I didn’t bother closing up the pillowcase. I didn’t have a problem with the end being open, and I couldn’t bring myself to […]

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Two more weeks down

28 gss 01

I finished weeks 9 and 11 (there was no 10) for the Granny Square Sampler. I really, really love these week 9 dimensional flowers. I will admit that I only half-read the instructions while catching up on an old White Collar episode, and so I did them kind of wrong. I realized my mistake after […]

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Dusting off the sampler

15 gss 01

I took a break from the granny square sampler while I worked on my shawl, and it is so nice to be getting back to it! I really enjoy small projects more than big ones, and while technically a blanket is a big project, it hasn’t felt that way while it’s being divvied up into […]

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A side track

granny square sampler in progress

I have been living and breathing Polka Dot Creations for the last two weeks. When I am not packing and shipping orders, I’m re-counting inventory, or processing orders.  One some level it’s quite amusing to me that in order to be able to stop doing these things that bring me little joy, I need to […]

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