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Diet food

Iced Candy Cane Green Tea

Wherein I talk about strawberry butter on toast and peppermint iced tea in a blue mason jar. But not at the same time.

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Saturday in June

Rhubarb + Strawberry Pops @lclarke522

I visited the farm, made some delicious ice pops, and took about a million photos of the process (because cooking is so much more fun when there’s a camera in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other).

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Strawberry thief

365 day 147 - The entire harvest

Remember when I planted the strawberries?  I was very excited to have a blossom on the plant already.  Well, it ended up being the only blossom I got, but it survived and produced one lovely strawberry: I took that photo Friday morning, figured I’d give it one more day to ripen, and then pick it […]

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Down and dirty

Spring day 23 - Project minded

Dirt under my fingernails, smeared onto my apron, deposited on my camera’s shutter button… I transplanted the strawberry plants today.  I got them, oh, about a month ago.  I had put them temporarily in a plastic Chinese food container while I searched for a strawberry pot. I found a pot pretty quickly, but then I […]

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Strawberry-Lemonade Smoothies 2.0


I originally posted about these slushy, delicious fruity drinks back in 2007.  Since then, I’ve made a few tiny changes (and taken some much nicer pictures, if we’re being honest here) and thought it was worth an update. We make these smoothies every year when the weather turns hot.  They’re like Summer in a Cup! […]

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Foodie for the summer


Something about the appearance of the first local strawberry every year puts me on a local / organic / sustainable food and green-living kick.   Ideally, I’d like to think along these lines all year round, and I do try, but it’s just so much easier when the farmers markets open up and the fresh local […]

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In a jam

Strawberries for jam

I had my first experience with canning today.  I’ve made small batches of jam before in my bread machine, but they needed to remain refrigerated and only had a 2-month shelf-life.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t go through jam very fast, and would much prefer to have a supply that I could […]

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Berry Puree Muffins


So, I was listening to podcasts this morning while I cleaned up the kitchen, and I tried out an NPR series that was new to me called Kitchen Window. The episode I listened to was all about breakfast and the idea that a freezer full of quick bread is a great substitute for a greasy […]

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Strawberries, strawberries, everywhere

Strawberry fields

On this beautiful Summer morning, two moms and four kids piled into a van and headed out to pick strawberries in New Jersey’s North West corner. Between us, we had four boxes, one for each kid to carry and fill, and we set to work finding the most succulent red fruit we could get our […]

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The kitchen’s a mess again

Jam-making day

You see, there was this strawberry… And I couldn’t very well just leave it sitting there, looking at me, could I? Not when there was pectin in the cupboard and, next to that, a box of shiny new mason jar lids. I just had to give in to fate, tie on my trusty apron, and […]

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