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Upcycled Chalkboard-Topped Jar

07 jar 04

Got peanut butter jars? Here’s a little craft I did two days before Christmas, when I was frazzled beyond belief. I tell you this both to prove to you how easy it is, and to demonstrate how utterly crazy I am to photograph a tutorial when I should have been unearthing the dining room table. […]

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Upcycled Bag o’ Yarn

Upcycled yarn bag

You may remember last year, when I bought the book  2-at-a-Time Socks and taught myself the method.  I actually still haven’t made a pair of socks.  I just wanted to know how to make two of anything at once, because goodness knows if I hadn’t, there would be an awful lot of mate-less wrist warmers […]

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Bribery will get you everywhere

New camera bag

Or, at least to Ohio. I’ll spare you the silly details, but let me just say that this week Neil and I found ourselves at an impasse.  One of us wanted to attend an event in Ohio soon, the other of us (who wasn’t too keen on the Ohio idea) had been jonesing for this […]

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Down with ugly recycled packaging!


I regularly receive boxes full of books, magazines & DVDs on my doorstep, and I also send boxes full of books, magazines & DVDs back out to polymer clay addicts everywhere.  As such, it only makes sense that some of those first boxes should be reused to serve the second purpose, don’t you think? I […]

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Three sheets to the wind


No, I’m not really drunk. I just wanted to talk about three bags made out of sheets, and the phrase popped right into my head. I’m not above kicking back with a Mike’s Hard Lime later, though, if you prefer for me to represent truth in advertising… These three little piles each contain two fat […]

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