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Tackling the BIG Project: Crocheted Blankets

Tackling the BIG Project: challenges and strategies, a blog hop topic hosted by Polka Dot Cottage and CraftyPod

Polka Dot Cottage and CraftyPod are teaming up to bring you the Tackling the BIG Project Blog Hop! For my part, I talk about crocheting a blanket and tell you how an instant-gratification junkie like me, meets the challenges of dealing with a long-term project like the Mod Floral Blanket

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Crochet basics demonstrated, plus a winner!

Polka Dot Cottage Video Blog Episode 4: Crochet Basics for the Mod Floral Blanket

I made a video for you: learn how to do all of the crochet stitches necessary to make a Mod Floral Blanket! Also, a winner is announced for the blanket eBook giveaway.

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Mod Floral Blanket: coupon + giveaway!

Mod Floral Blanket eBook: crochet pattern + photo tutorial by Lisa Clarke

To celebrate the publication of my new crochet pattern and tutorial (The Mod Floral Blanket) I am giving away a copy to one lucky winner, and giving away 50% off coupons to the first 20 people to make a purchase. Come join the party!

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And then there were three.

Polka Dot Cottage Sponsors for October

After spending the better part of 2013 (off and on) working on this lap blanket, I finally stitched the last stitch this week. Yay! Come have a look :-)

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Almost there

Mod Floral Blanket, almost done! at Polka Dot Cottage

Labor Day Weekend – my opportunity to labor on precious little aside from my Mod Floral Blanket. It’s almost finished. Come have a peek!

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Blanket progress

Floral blanket in progress, at Polka Dot Cottage

It’s been an on-again/off-again kind of relationship between me and my mod floral blanket this summer. Right now, we’re on, and we’ve gone pretty far…

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Summer crochet. Or not?

Mod Floral crochet blanket in progress, @lclarke522

I have spent the last few months being ever so persnickety about a new mod floral crochet blanket for myself: crocheting, ripping back, crocheting again. And now that I have finally figured out how to proceed, and gotten about 1/4 of the way done, I don’t really feel like working on it anymore. Oh no – say it isn’t so!

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Am I crazy?

27 flowers

Just a month after finishing one blanket, I’ve got my brain working on another. I am wondering if I am crazy. I don’t do so well on projects that take me more than a few weeks. I lose steam and get bored. I try to space out my big endeavors with little instant-gratification trinkets in […]

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