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What do I mean by Millefiori Canes?

20/365: Jan 20 - The first batch of Clayathon hooks

I know that many of you are here because of your interest in the yarny or fabricky things I do, and that sometimes when I talk about my work in polymer, you might not really get what I’m saying. It’s ok. Every craft has its lingo, and sometimes you just need somebody to clarify a […]

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An ode to extrusions

05 hooks 03

I love it when a customer gives me creative license. As in, “I’d like a set of six crochet hooks, but you can choose the handle patterns, heavy on the Retro look.” It’s fun for me to paw through my several hundred raw millefiori canes and dig out the ones that with coordinate nicely with […]

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The Afghan Cane

The Afghan Cane

I am happy to report that the Afghan Cane tutorial is complete!  It took dozens of photos, and fourteen PDF pages, but it’s finally done and ready for you in the download shop. The afghan is an intermediate level cane.  It takes advantage of several partial blends and uses them in a non-traditional way, allowing […]

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Redirecting my efforts


After gushing so excitedly about granny squares and clay last weekend, you’d think I’d have gone millefiori crazy, made a small pile of afghan canes, written up a fabulous tutorial, put it up for sale in the download shop, and then hopped up and down yelling, “go check it out! you’ll love it! you’ll learn […]

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Crochet: like portable polymer clay. sort of.

47/365 February 16

Before I picked up a hook for the first time, I considered crocheting to be a craft most closely related to knitting. After all, you often hear the words “knit” and “crochet” in the same breath.  But it didn’t take me long to realize that, for me, crochet is more like polymer clay work than […]

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Plaid Shawl Pin Tutorial + giveaway winner


It’s time for another Polka Dot Download! How about a little something in clay this time?  Through the Plaid Shawl Pin Tutorial, you will learn how to make a deceptively simple plaid-patterned cane and then use it in the construction of a shawl pin like this one.  (Be sure to have a look here, if […]

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Plaid shawl pin giveaway

Plaid polymer shawl pin on handknit sweater

I realized yesterday that I hadn’t made a millefiori cane since January.  January! How did that happen?  longest. dry spell. ever. So you know that small counter space I cleaned off yesterday? Well, I filled it up with clay paraphernalia.  And I made myself a plaid cane using colors that I thought would complement my […]

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The thrill of new skills

Not to wish October away or anything, but I am eagerly awaiting the first week of November, when a big heavy box filled with copies of this little gem will land on my doorstep. It’s funny (or maybe it’s sad, given that I own a polymer clay book store), but this is the first clay […]

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School Spirit Cane


Let’s face it – school colors are useful for distinguishing one football team from another on the field, but they can be a bit garish. If you want to show your school spirit, but in a more subtle way, try this cane. It features your two school colors and every hue in between in a […]

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The Weave Cane


This pattern imitates the look of three raffia ribbons woven together. I’ve made it in several color combinations, and they all look really nice. I am particularly fond of the results when I start with 3 very dark colors and blend them with white – the more contrast between the three main colors and the […]

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