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Upgraded: Flufy’s Granny Square Blanket

Flufy's Granny Square Blanket, tutorial and pattern @lclarke522

There are improvements happening behind the scenes, and today I share the first of these with you, and ask you to share a little feedback with me.

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Hey there, remember me? It’s been a week or something crazy like that. It’s not for lack of material that you haven’t seen me around here. It’s just that I’ve been too busy having a life to write about it. I know! Crazy, right? So it’s Spring Break this week, and today the oldest has […]

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Redirecting my efforts


After gushing so excitedly about granny squares and clay last weekend, you’d think I’d have gone millefiori crazy, made a small pile of afghan canes, written up a fabulous tutorial, put it up for sale in the download shop, and then hopped up and down yelling, “go check it out! you’ll love it! you’ll learn […]

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21st Century Fun

I’ve got a few announcements today, both of which take advantage of some fun technology. First up, two FREE Android apps! I’ve mentioned the Polka Dot Cottage app here before, but I thought I would bring it up again, because I have since made it available on the Android Market.  That makes it much easier […]

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Getting your regular dose of Polka Dots

17 blog 01

I am such a nerd.  When I hear of some nifty blog-related technology, I nearly always want to blow off the rest of my plans, curl up with my laptop and geek out until I’ve got the new technology working at Polka Dot Cottage. That’s happened to me twice in the last week, and I […]

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Let’s talk about e-readers and crafty people

06 kindle

Do you have a Kindle? a Nook? Plan to get one at some point in the future?  I don’t have one myself (that’s Neil‘s in the photo) and I’m curious about how you (as in YOU, you creatively-inclined people) use them. Do you ever download crafty reading? Knitting, sewing, or polymer clay books, for instance?  […]

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