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Punch Pops

30 punch pops 02

Neil and the boys got me a few fun things for Christmas: The book and ice pop molds were on my wish list, but still, they’ll never convince me that they weren’t selfishly-motivated with these purchases. It reminds me of the year I got Neil an answering machine because I wanted one. Or the year […]

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Granny’s Squares

02 yarn 03

My aunt and my mother have been going through my grandmother’s things in the last few months, and now and then they pass along something that might interest me.  Last time I visited home, I was the lucky recipient of all this.  There are benefits to being the only remaining knitter in the family! The […]

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Wrapped up

365 day 122 - Goodbye

Thank you, if you commented on my last post, emailed me, or posted on Facebook.  It meant a lot to me. In flipping through the (many) skirts hanging in my closet this weekend, I realized that they were all in happy floral quilting cottons, funky thrifted bedsheets, or silly novelty fabrics.  Nothing really struck me […]

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Picture Spring, week four

Spring day 23 - Project minded

We lost my grandmother yesterday. The kids stayed home from school today and this morning we were talking about Granny, what funerals are like, heaven, how Grandma (her daughter, my mother) must be feeling, how we are feeling… and we also spent some time sitting quietly together on my bed, propped up on pillows, reading […]

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I’ve had this post in the works for at least a week, but it has intimidated me to the point where I just keep setting it aside for later.  I had it in my head that I would do a roundup of sorts, giving you the lowdown on these nifty little dishwashing pads, providing links, […]

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Toast for Granny


So I made another pair of Toast.  This is the style without the thumbs – they’re just plain, straight tubes of knit stitch, and about as simple as it gets.  In theory anyway. Ever get the idea that some projects are just doomed from the start? First I cast on too few stitches.  Then too […]

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Doohickeys and knobs


Neil decided on a whim yesterday to clean out the boys’ bedroom closet.  It was a decision that made me clench, mostly because I know most of the junk in that closet is mine.  It’s been there since before the boys were even born.  My stuff is safe & cozy in that closet, but most […]

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A trio of lap quilts

Lap quilt for Mom & Dad

More Christmas crafting, anyone?  Given how much the four of us like the quilts I made us this fall, I thought maybe some other people on our list would like lap quilts, too.  I made three of them, all roughly 40×40, and all using fabrics I had left from other projects.  This one was given […]

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Hanky panky

Handkerchiefs in a basket

Today is my grandmother’s birthday.  Since a lady doesn’t discuss her age, I won’t presume to blab it to everyone here on her behalf.  Let’s just say, she’s one year away from a big number which is one decade away from a huge number.  And that’s all I’ll say about that. What I can talk […]

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Plethora of pink

New apron

You remember the canes I made last week?  Well, a few days ago I made some buttons out of them, and today I stitched up an apron.  I’ve had this patchwork design in my head for a while, cut up the fabric last week, and finally got a few minutes to put it all together. […]

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