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Family portrait show-and-tell

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Good morning! I come to you from Congestion Land this snowy NJ morning. We had ugly weather last night, which made us miss our traditional day-after-Christmas celebration with my family, and although I really hated to cancel, it was probably just as well. I managed to pick up a head cold and it’s just been […]

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Baking and Making

Cranberry bread

As in, baking a loaf of cranberry bread.  Mmmm.  I’ve also made a pie crust, with the actual pie to follow tomorrow.  I’ve baked gingerbread, which will be crumbled up into a pumpkin trifle tomorrow, and I whipped up some instant pumpkin pudding with a mix Neil found at the grocery store this afternoon.  It […]

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Ready, set…

GO! And by that I mean “custom family portrait ornaments are online and ready, if you’d like to order one.” And I also mean “thank you”

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Custom Family Portrait Christmas Ornaments


Meet the Bald family.  OK, they’re not really bald, they just haven’t been wigged yet.  Confused?  I’ll back up a step or two.. Ok, this is an arrangement of precisely-measured clay parts that, when assembled, will become a family of five.  See Dad in the left column, followed by Mom, then Big Brother, Little Sister, […]

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