Old Shop Vs. New Shop

What is the difference?

This old place holds items that I made, mostly of polymer clay, some from as far back as 2003! The oldest work almost certainly involves techniques that I've stopped using for one reason or another, and any item made prior to the spring of 2009 used an entirely different finishing technique than the more labor-intensive (but oh, so smooth and wonderful!) one that I now employ.

There is nothing wrong with these older items. If they are new to you, then I am sure you will enjoy them! In fact, please have a look around.

But for me? For me, those older items have been feeling like an anchor. I've felt pressure to make my new work conform to the same colors, patterns, materials, etc. as the old work. In order to fit in this shop, new stuff has to be a lot like what came before.

And so this is why I am no longer actively maintaining this area. My new shop will be a place where I can explore my creativity however I am so moved, without feeling the pressure of working in millefiori, or in one of my standard color schemes, or even in clay at all!

The new shop will be open only when I have something new and exciting to share. There will only be a few limited-edition pieces available there at a time.

It's going to be a more loosey goosey, open-when-I-have-something-new-to-sell, kind of thing. Check it out!

Also folded into the new Polka Dot Cottage are the always-open download shop (for patterns and tutorials I have written), and book shop (recommended reading and craft supplies, powered by amazon).

This old shop? It'll be open from time to time. I'll even put some of my new items in here, if it makes sense to do so. But for the most part, I have moved on. Thanks for being here. I hope you'll follow me onward!

Lisa Clarke

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