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Polka Dot Pacifiers

For those of you who didn’t read clarkesworld‘s announcement on Friday, I thought I’d fill you in on an interesting little development in the Clarke household. Apparently we’re not as done having babies as we might have thought, and another one has decided to join us in September. clarkesworld and the boys have decided that […]

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Top 100 Sellers for 2006!

Top 100 Sellers* for 2006 1 ) Book:The Art of Jewelry Polymer Clay 2 ) Project Book: Clay Techniques to Dye For 3 ) Project Book:The CF Sculpture Series Welcome to the Jungle 4 ) Project Book: My Favorite Things in Clay 5 ) Project Book:The CF Sculpture Series Dragons 6 ) DVD:Innovations The Sophie […]

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CafePress Geek

Oh , I have been *such* a geek this week. When not thinking Thanksgiving-y thoughts, I was whipping up websites, digital scrapbooking, and designing t-shirt graphics. Want to see what I’ve done? Ok, twist my arm. Check out the brand new Polka Dot Radio website, and the updated “Information Desk” at The Polka Dot Cottage. […]

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I was almost buried in boxes this week!

Hi, all! My 3-year-old and I are sitting here enjoying a snack mix of our own creation (pretzel sticks, cheese-its, peanuts & pirate’s booty [which he refers to as “pirate foodie”]). My 6-year-old is writing a book about Ultramen Tiga, Dyna and Gaia. And my 40-year-old (that’s husband, not child, although sometimes it’s hard to […]

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